Crystal Rivodnik claims to have fallen victim to discrimination while trying to visit British Columbia’s Cascade Casino Langley. 우리카지노탑 She shared that she was twice denied access to the casino by security because she thought she was drunk. However, she did not because she suffered from speech disorders, lupus and arthritis while she had learning disabilities.

The second case dates back to July 22, 2023, when a casino security guard refused to enter her game site, claiming she was reeling under the influence of alcohol. She tried to explain her disability and presented her ID, but was still denied entry. She then got no results and asked to speak to the property manager.

In a recent interview with a media outlet, Mr. Vodnick said he felt alienated because of his tone, not his fault. She shared that the experience was quite shocking to her. Meanwhile, when asked to provide commentary on the situation, Cascade Casino Langley said it was investigating the case.

Tanya Gabara, public relations director at Gateway Casino and Entertainment Limited, which owns and operates casinos, said the company is contacting customers and will collect all facts of the situation and consider future customer interactions to avoid similar incidents in the future.

However, she points out that police officers often have medical records explaining her condition, so casino workers are not the only ones who are mistaken for taking on her flaws. That’s why Ms. Bodnick has a medical record explaining her condition. They are written by doctors and psychiatrists. She questions her drinking habits but always hands them to people in need.

Elaine Boyd, director of the Disabled People’s Solidarity BC, said other disabled people in British Columbia are often thought to be drunk on drugs or alcohol. But she explained that people with restrictions can suffer from speech disorders, multiple sclerosis, numbness, cerebral palsy, and other language and muscle-related disorders. She calls for improvements in laws and regulations to provide adequate accessibility training.

Cascades Casino Langley is not the only gaming facility in Canada that is criticized for its accessibility. In December 2022, Casino Regina in Saskatchewan received complaints about closing one of the entrances. Some of the facility’s customers with accessibility issues have noted that casinos are not always welcome.

Andre Nogue of Saskatchewan, an age-friendly Saskatchewan, said his wife was using a walker, and the closure of the street entrance forced her to pass through the front door to reach the show lounge and walk through the entire property.

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