“I think we look alike,” said Son Ji-in (Sejong-go), a national rhythmic gymnast who has come to be known as the second Son Yeon-jae. The departure ceremony for the national team for the Hangzhou 2023 Asian Games, sponsored by SK Telecom, was held at SK Telecom’s headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul, on Sept. 30.Eight athletes attended the ceremony to reveal their goals and aspirations for Hangzhou, including Son Ji-in, who will be competing at the Asian Games for the first time in her life after passing the national selection trials held in March last year .Rhythmic gymnasts are often recognized for their physical appearance, and Son Ji-in has the same surname and similar appearance as Son Yeon-jae, one of the sport’s biggest stars .When asked about this by the press, Son smiled shyly, saying, “People say we look a lot alike, but I feel like we look a lot alike. “He also said, “Son Yeon-jae was good at the ‘Poete Pivot,’ and I would like to learn it.” When asked about her goals for the competition, she said, “When I was first selected, I remember feeling unrealized and happy. It’s my first competition, so I want to come back and show what I can do,” he said.” If I’m successful (at the tournament), I’ll have a meal with my fans, give them souvenirs, and give them rhythmic gymnastics lessons,” he promised. Professional gamer Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, one of the world’s biggest stars in esports, was also in attendance. Esports, which was a pilot sport at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, will be featured for the first time at the Games. In Jakarta, the League of Legends (LoL) player had to settle for a silver medal after losing to China in the final .”As it’s my first official event, I’ll do my best to prepare for the gold medal,” he said.” China is a powerful country that is in a similar position to Korea in LoL, and that alone makes us wary and excited,” he said, especially since the tournament will be held on the home turf of China, which suffered a heartbreaking defeat at the inaugural Asian Games .Kim, who is traveling to Hangzhou with the men’s national basketball team as “Captain” of the professional basketball team Seoul SK, said he hopes to help his younger counterparts receive the benefits of the gold medal military service he received nine years ago .Kim was a member of the gold medal team at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon. South Korea won a bronze medal in Jakarta in 2018.”When I won the gold medal in 2014, my seniors worked so hard for me. Now I am the most senior. I want to pass on the benefits of my military service to my juniors,” he said. The athletes also made the venue laugh with their witty remarks .High jumper Choi Jin-woo (Ulsan Sports Science High School) had the audacity to shout “Barsim” when the moderator asked him, “If you were born again, who would you like to be born as, Woo Sang-hyuk (Yongin City Hall) or Mutaz Essa Barsim (Qatar)”?”Woo Sang-hyuk once told me, ‘When you go to a match, try to enjoy it rather than trying to do well,'” Choi Jin-woo said, adding, “(Following that advice), I try to enjoy it to showcase my skills as much as possible. “When asked what he likes about being sponsored by SKT, Faker said, “I like that they give me an unlimited data plan.” SKT has been expanding its sponsorship to include amateur and future-oriented sports. It is sponsoring a variety of sports that did not have a separate sponsor at the previous Asian Games, including athletics, weightlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, skateboarding, 토토사이트 and breaking.

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