Zvezda said on the club’s website on the 5th, I am very happy to announce the recruitment of Hwang In-beom for the Korean national team. He left Olympiacos and signed a four-year contract. Hwang In-beom was born in 1996 and is a member of the South Korean national team. He appeared in 45 A matches and scored five goals. 토토사이트링크 He played as the best player in the K League and gained European experience by playing for Rubin Kazan and Olympiacos. I will be in charge of the midfield, he said, officially announcing the recruitment of Hwang In-beom.

Hwang In-beom also immediately said goodbye through SNS. Hwang In-beom said, I thank all Olympiacos fans. I will never forget the love I received from you. Considering the support and love you sent me last season, all the criticism I’ve received is nothing. I also thank the team members, coaching staff, and support staff. I’m happy to see you guys perform well at the beginning of the season. I wish you all the best in the Europa League. Thank you, he said goodbye.

However, the public opinion of Olympiacos fans is very cold. There were countless comments full of abusive language that were hard to say. One fan refused to accept Hwang In-beom’s farewell, saying, No one will miss you leaving the team.

Another fan said in a lengthy comment, Our fans welcomed you from the beginning, loved you. Tim also respected you on and off the field. However, Hwang In-beom betrayed everyone and threatened the team. There was no respect either. The ‘thank you’ message is a lie. He criticized Hwang In-beom, saying, I was able to become a legend of the club and move to the best club, but look where your reckless behavior led you to move to.

The reason why Olympiacos fans’ public opinion is not good is that they had a severe conflict with the club during the transfer. It was in mid-August that Hwang In-beom’s future was raised. At the time, Greece’s Ertsport said, Hwang In-beom officially expressed his desire to leave Olympiacos. The contract period is two years away, but Hwang In-beom immediately demanded a transfer, so he was also excluded from the list in the match against Henck, he reported.

Olympiacos is sticking to the principle that there is no one on the team. He is angry at Hwang In-beom and intends to file a court case. Hwang In-beom is under contract with Olympiacos until June 2025. This is never a simple matter, he added.

Hwang In-beom and Olympiacos disagreed over the contract period. Olympiacos claimed that Hwang In-beom signed a contract until June 2025 when he joined the team. However, Hwang In-beom said he signed a one-plus-two-year contract and should release him as a free agent.

The cause of the problem in which the club and the player understand the contract situation differently has not yet been identified. Currently, a strong reason for speculation is that the two sides were divided in the process of interpreting special regulations implemented by FIFA, which served as a device for Hwang In-beom to transfer to Olympiacos.

FIFA allowed foreign players in the Russian and Ukrainian leagues to temporarily suspend their contracts for a year in March 2022 as the war broke out when Russia invaded Ukraine. Accordingly, Hwang In-beom joined FC Seoul as a free agent and pushed for a transfer to Europe three months later.

In June 2022, FIFA extended the temporary suspension of contracts for foreigners from Russian and Ukrainian clubs for another year. As the special clause was extended for another year, the effect of the contract between Hwang In-beom and Rubin Kazan disappeared. This is because Hwang In-beom was a player for Rubin Kazan until June 2023. Thanks to this, Hwang In-beom was considered an FA status and was able to join Olympiacos without a transfer fee.

From the first year of the transfer, Hwang In-beom dominated the Greek league. Hwang In-beom was active in 40 official matches with five goals and four assists. Hwang In-beom’s presence could not be explained only by his attack point. It has established itself as the core of Olympiacos, showing the league’s highest level of influence.

However, ahead of the 2023-24 season, the relationship between the club and the player went awry as Hwang In-beom suddenly asked for a transfer. Olympiacos was determined to fight against the law. If Hwang In-beom wants to leave, he threatened that he should be offered a transfer fee of more than 10 million euros about 14.3 billion won.

A transfer fee of 10 million euros is very high for a Greek league player. Only two players have left the Greek league since 2020 with a transfer fee of more than 10 million euros. Except for Premier League PL clubs, there are not many teams that pay nearly 15 billion won to Greek league players.

Hwang In-beom’s friction with the club naturally worsened the public opinion of fans. Hwang In-beom was branded a traitor. Hwang In-beom’s situation became more difficult as the transfer market of European big leagues closed. At that time, Serbia’s prestigious Zvezda reached out, and the negotiations were concluded with Olympiacos paying about half of the transfer fee he wanted.

Hwang In-beom will be the most expensive transfer fee in Zvezda’s history, said Serbia’s SPORTAL. Zvezda will pay the transfer fee to Olympiacos on three occasions. Hwang In-beom and Olympiacos are in dispute. Hwang In-beom believed his contract would expire this summer, and Olympiacos felt his contract was valid for another two years. I asked for 15 million euros about 21.3 billion won for the transfer fee, he said, explaining how the negotiations went.

We entered a deadlock, and Zvezda joined and compromised with Olympiacos because he wanted to recruit Hwang In-beom. Zvezda will pay 5 million euros for three years and sign a four-year contract with Hwang In-beom. He brought such a good player. Hwang In-beom is the best player in Asia. He is also the first Korean in Zvezda’s history.

Zvezda is one of Serbia’s most prestigious clubs. He will also participate in the Union of European Football Associations UEFA Champions League UCL as a qualification to win the league this season. Although he has never made any clear results in UCL, he is a team that has been steadily on the UCL stage.

This season, they were grouped in group g with Manchester City, RB Leipzig and young boys. It doesn’t seem easy to make it to the round of 16, but against Manchester City or Leipzig

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