Midfielder Son Joon-ho, who played at the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, is still in the dark. 토토사이트 Son Joon-ho, who played in the Qatar World Cup in Taishan, Shandong Province in the Chinese Super League, was detained by public security in Liaoning Province, China on May 12. Son Joon-ho, who returned to Shandong after the Qatar World Cup, was arrested on charges of bribery.

Some Chinese media predicted that Son Joon-ho could face more than five years in prison.

It has not been confirmed exactly what the allegations are, and the right to interview has not been properly guaranteed. For this reason, some in and out of the Korean soccer community raised doubts that other factors such as politics and diplomacy other than soccer were at play.

It was the first time that a midfielder, the main player of the Korean national team, was caught by Chinese public security and was investigated for a long time. In response, the Korea Football Association put unspoken pressure on the Chinese side when it included Son Joon-ho in the list of A-match call-up players in June, but there was no change. Amid reports that the investigation is being conducted after being changed to a suspect, the Korean government is constantly asking for an investigation without physical detention.

Jeong Jae-ho, ambassador to China, said at a parliamentary audit of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee in October, “Whenever I meet with officials, I talk about Son Joon-ho’s arrest investigation for a friendly atmosphere between the two countries.” China has not made an official response, except that a Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed Son Joon-ho’s detention. The head of the management headquarters and lawyers dispatched by the Korea Football Association also returned home without any results.

Asked if he would continue Park Yong-woo’s system as a defensive midfielder after a friendly match against Tunisia in October, national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann said, “I miss Son Joon-ho. “He is a player who plays the role of No. 6 (defensive midfielder) and No. 8 (central midfielder) we think,” he said, regretting.

On the 21st, a reporter in charge of the Shandong team also visited the site where the second Group C match of the 2026 FIFA North-China World Cup qualifying round in Asia was held at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China. After the second round between South Korea and China, the reporter, who asked not to be named, said, “I understand that Son Joon-ho is staying safe,” and explained, “The Chinese government is also in a situation where there are a lot of worries.”

“We found that many officials are also conducting life-saving activities for Son Joon-ho.” It doesn’t just end with Son Jun-ho’s problem. The problems are intertwined. Obviously, the Chinese government is also preparing to draw a conclusion on Son Joon-ho.”

In addition, Chinese reporters who visited Shenzhen understood Son Joon-ho’s condition to a level similar to that known in Korea. Son Joon-ho, who was suddenly detained in May, was questioned by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province on charges of receiving non-state operatives.

When the deadline for criminal detention temporary arrest) expired, it was converted to an arrest investigation on June 18. Arrest investigation is possible for up to seven months. Son Joon-ho has already been detained for more than six months. Therefore, there is not much time left for him to be officially arrested and investigated.

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