Las Vegas Sands is preparing a bid to open a casino resort in Nassau County, New York, but Long Islanders oppose it. Local residents recently started a petition with to voice their opposition to the Casino Citizens’ Association. 바카라사이트 The petition currently has 1,759 signatures, with a target of at least 2,500.

Last year, Empire State quickly processed the issuance of three Downstate casino licenses with the start of 2023, and the Game Facilities Location Committee began the application request process. The Commission will now accept and review bids from third-party candidates who should be prepared to pay $500 million in licensing fees, and invest another $500 million in the site.

The Casino Citizens’ Union believes that the proposed casino project, once realized, will change the nature of Nassau County and nearby areas. The politically unaffiliated group says it will lead to an increase in crime, traffic and noise pollution and have a strong impact on local law enforcement and government.

The association is not alone in expressing dissatisfaction with the Las Vegas Sands bid, as the University of Hofstra previously voiced opposition to the gaming facility and supported the position. In addition, the Garden City Village board is not a fan of the local casino and said the offer should be rejected.

Las Vegas Sands is not the only company to face local complaints about casino offers for northern New York. In fact, this has happened to some candidates. This includes Caesars Entertainment’s bid for Times Square and Steve Cohen’s bid for the game property in Queens City Field. Local support is also a major factor in bidding opportunities for approval from the state.

In January 2023, Las Vegas Sands said it had already signed several long-term leases related to the site where the Naso Veterans Memorial Coliseum is located, talking about the bid. Once the deal is complete, the game leader will likely take control of up to 80 acres and develop a casino resort once licensed.

But the company’s proposal also attracted some supporters in March, such as Nassau County Commissioner Bruce Blakeman. He said the company should include luxury hotel and entertainment components. It should include luxury hotels and entertainment components and bring significant revenue to the county and surrounding areas, including construction and full-time employment. Third, it should be supported by the local community.

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