Co-owner James Ratcliffe, who recently acquired a 25% stake in Manchester United (Manchester United), sees the club with his own eyes.

Britain’s public broadcaster ‘BBC’ announced on the 10th (Korean time), “Ratcliffe will be watching the league match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur for the first time.” 

The match is the 21st round match of the 2023-2024 English Premier League, which will be held at Manchester United’s home stadium, Old Trafford, at 1:30 on the 15th. 먹튀검증사이트

Ratcliffe is the head of British chemical and automotive company Ineos. Last Christmas, he officially acquired a stake in Manchester United and became a co-owner of the club. 

Afterwards, all Ineos-related personnel attended Manchester United games and observed the club’s performance with their own eyes.

The media said, “Ineos sporting director Sir David Brailsford has appeared in all three Manchester United games since the acquisition was decided on Christmas Eve.”

In addition, Ineos CEO Jean-Claude Blanc was also seen watching the FA Cup third round match against Wigan Athletic on the 9th. 

The BBC said, “The agreement to acquire Ratcliffe will officially take effect at the end of February,” but added, “All important decision-making processes at the club must be reviewed and approved by both Blanc and Brailsford.” “He added.

This appears to be part of Ratcliffe’s ‘change’ policy to completely transform Manchester United.

He announced his takeover of Manchester United last year and proposed reforms that would change not only the inside of the players but also the management team. 

It was also reported that on the 6th, after the acquisition, he personally looked around the entire club, including Manchester United players and coach Eric Turnhag, and sought ways to improve them. 

Ratcliffe met with Manchester United members and sent a strong message, saying, “Recent performance has been unacceptable.

We must lead world soccer by recreating the era of Sir Alex Ferguson (who led the team in its heyday).”

As the BBC reported at the time, Turnharg said his conversation with Ratcliffe was “very positive” and that “the two talked for hours about topics that resonated with them.” 

He continued by saying, “It was a very constructive meeting, and I hope we can work together in earnest.”

Ratcliffe’s intuition is interpreted as Ineos’ willingness to intervene in the management of the Manchester United team in earnest. 

However, it is not possible to intervene in the transfer market right now to bring about major changes, so full-scale investment will likely have to wait until next summer. 

BBC’ said, “It seems certain that Ineos will bring about a huge change in Manchester United

but stock market regulations are preventing this,” and said that it is still too early to act.

Turnhag also said, “We have to wait for (the new club owner) to adapt,” adding, “These are people who have just come in. It is true that we work together

but it is not something we can immediately confirm after just one day of meeting. We have discussed strategic aspects and hope to cooperate at some point.

I hope we can do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Manchester United is currently ranked 8th in the league and is showing very poor performance.

It will be interesting to see what effect Ratcliffe’s intuition will have on Manchester United

who are 14 points behind first-place Liverpool. Ratcliffe could become a kind of ‘tiger teacher’.

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