“This is not the time to really take a break. I was so ashamed of myself.”

SSG Landers shortstop Park Sung-han had one of the most agonizing seasons since becoming a starter. In 2021 and 2022, he hit close to triple digits for the second consecutive season and had his best years as a key part of the team’s defense. But in 2023, he was stuck in a deeper-than-expected hitting slump cave.

He is a player who is second to none in terms of integrity. Former manager Kim Won-hyung always cited Park as one of his most reliable players. “He doesn’t worry when he can’t play,” Kim said. “He doesn’t worry when he can’t do it,” Kim said. “He doesn’t worry when he can’t do it.” Park was always seen working out on the baseball field, and he had a special place in his heart for the kind-hearted but baseball-minded Park Sung-han.

Later in the year, he was called up to the national team for the Hangzhou Asian Games, where he and his teammates won a gold medal. He even had a good-natured competition with Kim Joo-won (NC) for the shortstop spot on the national team. However, 온라인카지노 his season came to a disappointing end after his return, as SSG failed to cross the semi-playoff threshold after just three games.

Park barely took a break from his training and immediately started working out again.

“In 2022, I took almost a month off after winning the championship. This year, I started training as soon as the season ended without taking a week off. The end of this year was really emotional. I think I was very embarrassed and reflected a lot on myself, even though a lot of fans were expecting and supporting me. When all the matches were over and I thought about it, I could only think of the things that were lacking. I didn’t think it was time to rest, so I started working out faster.” Park Sung Sung said, “I had a goal in mind, and I think I didn’t live up to that goal and expectation. I was disappointed in myself, and after I made the national team, I thought about my level once more. I think I realized that I was lacking a lot.”

During the off-season, Park continues to work out at Incheon’s home stadium every morning and almost every day. “In November, I worked out with the concept of rebuilding my body by lifting weights, and now I’m focusing on my lower body movement and the texture of the bat while hitting,” he explained.

Kim Hye-sung of the Kiwoom Heroes,

Park met in the youth national team in 2016 and played with as an adult at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year, is not only a friend, but also a teacher. The infielder, who has developed into one of the best hitters in the league, took the initiative to reach out to Park and ask him a lot of questions. “I’ve gotten help from her and talked to her a lot. She tells me a lot of things. But people who are good at baseball feel like, ‘Why can’t I do this? It’s all about how I take it,” he smiled. Park Dae-on, who works out at the baseball field every day, also laughed, saying, “Sung-han tells me a lot of things that Hye-sung tells him.” Park Sung Sung laughed shyly, saying, “It’s good if Dae On is also good.”

“I’ve won a championship, and I’ve won a gold medal for my country. Now it’s time to set a higher goal and reach it. It was the heyday of the league’s top shortstops, including Oh Ji-hwan (LG), Park Chan-ho (KIA), and Kim Joo-won (NC). This year, even Kim Hye-sung has thrown down the gauntlet, saying he wants to play shortstop again. Park will have to compete with them in a battle of goodwill and pride. 바카라사이트 순위 Not only does he want to win an individual title, but he also wants to become a starting shortstop for the national team.

“I have specific goals every year,” Park said. The Golden Glove is the title I want to win, and I’m also greedy for minor titles, but I’m not the type of player who aims for them. I try to do my best in the game every day,” Park said of his new season aspirations.

SSG recognized Park’s contribution as a “full-time shortstop for three consecutive years” and offered him a salary of 300 million won for the 2024 season. His first professional salary exceeded 300 million won. Park’s shoulders became even heavier.

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