After a strong start to 2023, Manitoba-based Pollard Banknote continues to make new announcements. On Thursday, January 19, 2023, the lottery provider said it had received a new contract from the North Carolina Education Lottery. Through the agreement, the Canadian company will provide digital support and related services to the U.S. lottery.

The North Carolina Education Lottery or NCEL was founded in 2005, and its operations have since provided more than $9.6 billion in funding to communities in the state. For example, revenue is invested in education programs across 100 counties in North Carolina. In addition, last year, it generated an average of $2.5 million per day for its education initiatives.

The latest contract between lotteries arrives after a successful competitive procurement process and runs through October 31, 2025. It can also be extended up to three years on a yearly basis. The two parties have been partners for more than a decade, and the vendor already offers iLoty solutions, omnichannel player engagement and loyalty programs, and scratch-off tickets.

The new contract is primarily focused on providing analysis and insight into online engagement patterns across channels. The draw chose Manitovan for its excellent analysis and insight that identifies content and cross-selling opportunities that boost player activity, accelerate transitions, and engage player loyalty. It will also provide innovative multi-channel digital strategies and support for a better user experience.

In addition to this, the recent agreement between the two will also provide new responsibilities for lottery partners. In addition to creating clickstream plans and providing analysis, Manitovan Company will also provide results-based rationalization of digital strategy changes in the lottery. This will be based on the unique ability to provide expert analysis and vision.

NCEL Executive Director Mark Michalco shared that the company has found a proven track record partner to play a key role in the future of the lottery by strengthening its digital assets within a highly specialized space. He believes that providers will further benefit statewide education initiatives by providing multichannel solutions and exceptional support and services.

As has already been mentioned, Pollard Banknote has made a huge start to 2023, as the Canadian company has already made some important announcements. One example is the company’s joint venture operations agreement with NeoPollard Interactive, which changed the parties’ Michigan joint venture agreement with NeoGames S.A. This was another important move for the company in the U.S. market.

A few days before that, the Lotto provider celebrated the launch of Lotto Quebec’s innovative Boreal instant ticket series. The new product is designed specifically for the lottery provider’s new digital printing press. It is nature-themed because it features 30 different images of animals living in Quebec.

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