KIA won the opening game against Kiwoom 7-5 at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 23rd, giving new coach Lee Bum-ho a victory in his debut game. There are many factors for the victory, but the big one was that he scored five points in the first inning.

One of the critical moments was a double steal, with runners on the first and second bases with one out, in the first inning when the team was leading 3-2. Then, the runners on the second and third bases stole bases when the follow-up hit a grounder to the third base, and widened the score to 5-2. This reporter heard from Kia’s running coach Cho Jae-young about the moment that brought Kia’s win in the opening game.

◇ Kim Sun-bin and Lee Woo-sung’s double steal with one out and runners on first and second base in the first inning

Coach Cho said, “Furado has a habit when pitching. I analyzed it in detail. There was only one moment when I could steal, and that moment came out just then.”

Looking back at the situation at the time, even after the first inning, he allowed four consecutive hits to Socrates, Choi Hyung-woo, Kim Sun-bin, and Lee Woo-sung, and faced a crisis of first and second base with one out. He has already lost three runs, and he has been distracted by four consecutive hits. He has developed a habit of allowing stolen bases without his knowledge. KIA did not miss this opportunity.

“He gave a signal to (second baseman Kim) to run during Furado’s first pitch against Hwang. Coincidentally, Furado’s habit came out at the first pitch. Sunbin and (first baseman Lee) Woo-sung didn’t miss a single opportunity and successfully stole the bases,” Cho said.

Kim Sun-bin and Lee Woo-sung succeeded in double stealing, using the habits of opposing pitchers even though they were not fast runners. This is the result of Kia’s analysis of its power and prepared training in advance. “Since the spring camp, we have prepared a lot for double stealing, including stealing. We have asked our players to play aggressively,” Cho said.

KIA, which succeeded in double stealing, immediately scored two runs. Hwang Dae-in hit a ground ball to third base, because not only third baseman Kim Sun-bin but also second baseman Lee Woo-sung entered the home. It is the seventh milestone in the KBO league history and KIA’s second team history to score two RBIs with a ground ball.

This milestone was also Kia’s prepared play. “I didn’t know second baseman Lee Woo-sung would run when the third-base hit a grounder,” Cho said. “At first, I thought Woo-sung had mistaken the out count and came home recklessly. But when I asked him, he thought he should run.”

The reason Lee played was because the “offensive play” that KIA had consistently ordered from the spring camp was embodied. “I heard it was a day when Woo-sung wanted to play aggressively. Due to the time constraints, it was time to die when the second baseman ran home, but even Choi Joo-hwan’s bad pitches were played, and Lee lived,” Cho said.

Without the player’s knowledge, the team embodied “offensive play,” and instinctively, it produced aggressive basins. It was the moment when KIA secured its victory by widening the score from 3-2 to 5-2.

From the outside, KIA seems to have been lucky to win a point. However, if you look inside, it is the result of thorough preparation and preparation. It was an opening game that contained more than just one win.

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