Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which has recorded two consecutive wins, will win the third round of the championship, which will take place at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on Monday, and Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has lost two games in a row, will finish the season as the runner-up if it loses one more game. If so, Kim’s long-cherished dream of winning the championship will fall through once again. 

At the beginning of the first round match of the championship game that took place on Sunday, Hyundai E&C seemed to feel heavy. As the team played the actual game in 12 days, it lost sense of play in the early days of the game. However, despite losing two sets, the team came from behind to take the set to the fifth by banking on its physical stamina and concentration at the last minute. 

“I had a hard time because I didn’t have good performance in the beginning. I took advantage of this because I rested more and stretched to the end,” coach Kang Sung-hyun said after the game. “I want to go to the fifth set in the second round as well. I will not give up until the end and go to the fifth set in the second round,” he said. In fact, he won in the fifth set in the second round. 

“It was similar to last time. I failed to make a decision on the opportunity to take the lead in today’s game,” Avon Danza said after losing the second game. 

Avon Danza, who usually takes big action, sometimes acted like he was kicking his foot and playing soccer when his defense error occurred in the first round. When Willow was shaken up, he gave one-on-one guidance from the bench. 

Coach Kang Sung-hyung was also seen covering his hands with a jacket while giving instructions to players when serving in Hyundai Engineering & Construction. This is a scene that we don’t usually see.

Coach Avon Dan-ja also guided the players one by one, drawing the sub position in detail with a plan board. 

Avon Danza, who was on the brink of collapse, said after the second game, “I suffered a reverse sweep last season. Don’t you think we should dream of a reversal this time?” This is a championship decision in which coaches of both teams express their emotions with their entire bodies as well as players.

Meanwhile, the third round of the women’s championship match of the V-League will take place at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on Sunday. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which recorded two losses, has a slim chance of upset victory, but there is room for rebound thanks to enthusiastic support from its home fans. In contrast, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which secured the first and second rounds, has an 83.3 percent chance of winning the championship.

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