Egyptian Ambassador to Korea Khaled Abdel Rahman gives a welcome speech during the 72nd National Day reception held at his residence in Seoul, Friday. Korea Times photo by Kim Hyun-bin

Egyptian Ambassador to Korea Khaled Abdel Rahman hosted a special celebration ahead of Egypt’s 72nd National Day at his residence within the embassy in Seoul, Friday, as the day falls on July 23.

“It is my honor and privilege to welcome you all to this special celebration of Egypt’s National Day,” Rahman said. “Today, we commemorate the historic moment of July 23, 1952, when Egypt embarked on a new journey towards independence, unity and prosperity. This day is a reminder of our nation’s resilience, determination and unwavering spirit.”

Rahman expressed his pride and optimism as he addressed the guests in Seoul including foreign ambassadors as well as government and company officials, highlighting the strong relationship between Korea and Egypt.

“The relationship between Egypt and the Republic of Korea is a testament to the power of cooperation and mutual respect. Our two nations, though geographically distant, are bound by shared values and aspirations. We cherish our rich cultural heritage, strive for economic progress and work tirelessly for peace and stability in our respective regions.”

The ambassador noted the significant growth in bilateral relations over the years.

“Next year, we will commemorate and celebrate 30 years of these diplomatic ties, a milestone that we eagerly look forward to. I’m sure this celebration will bolster our relationship further, paving the way for new collaborations and deeper connections between our people.”

Rahman highlighted the remarkable expansion in economic ties, with Korean companies making significant investments in Egypt.

“Our economic ties have seen remarkable expansion. Korean companies have made significant investments in Egypt, contributing to various sectors such as energy, infrastructure and technology. These investments not only bolster the economy but also create jobs and enhance the livelihoods of many Egyptians while creating export opportunities for Korean products made in Egypt.”

Rahman acknowledged the recent Korea-Africa Summit as a pivotal moment in bilateral relations, claiming the summit underscored Korea’s 합법 commitment to strengthening ties with African nations, in recognition of the immense potential and opportunities within the African continent utilizing Egypt as a gateway to Africa.

He announced the recent renovation of the Egyptian Embassy and the residence in Seoul as a testament to the growing relationship between the two nations.

“I am pleased to share that the embassy and the residence of Egypt in Seoul were recently renovated. This renovation not only enhances our diplomatic presence in Seoul but also symbolizes our commitment to fostering a robust and enduring partnership with Korea,” he said.

“As we celebrate Egypt’s National Day, let us also celebrate the friendship between Egypt and Korea. Let us renew our commitment to work together, support each other and build a future that is prosperous, peaceful and inclusive.”

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