I believe there will be more AT Madrid fans than Manchester City fans on the day of the match, coach Simeone said at a pre-press conference held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th. 토토사이트링크 I’m looking forward to it because I know many fans will visit.

Manchester City, which AT Madrid will face, is the world’s strongest soccer club that achieved a “treble” last season by winning the English Premier League EPL, the English Football Association FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League UCL. As AT Madrid is also a strong team that has defeated Spain’s La Liga 11 times, soccer fans are competing for pride by comparing the power of the two teams and soccer styles.

On this day, Simeone was also asked what he thought AT Madrid was better than Manchester City. It’s hard to explain the level of AT Madrid and Manchester City because it’s early in the pre-season, he said. But we are growing steadily. The most important thing is to have a goal in every game, he said, avoiding an immediate answer. When asked about Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola’s soccer style, he briefly replied, “I’m playing very good soccer.”

Regarding the appointment of players against Manchester City, he said, We need to understand the players physical conditions through medical staff, adding, We need to wait and see which players will play. As for what he is preparing for next season in Korea, he said, It is important to continue to show good performance in the second half of last season. We are preparing for the pre-season in accordance with this, he said adding, “I believe that the players who newly joined the team will be helpful.

Stefan Savić, who attended the press conference, told an anecdote with his Montenegrin teammate Stefan Mugosa Incheon United. I met Mugosa at a hotel and had a cup of coffee, he said. It was very good to reunite him in Korea, who played many games with him in the national team, he said. He said he was quite satisfied that Mugosa returned to Korea from his Japanese life.

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