Earlier this year, Las Vegas Sands reported an interest in launching a casino resort at the Nasau Coliseum on Long Island, New York. However, their bids were not well received by some members of the public. 릴게임사이트 Against the Casino Citizens Association invited everyone to join a rally against the casino bid at the Nasau Legislative Building on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

In January, Las Vegas Sands, a leading gambling entertainment company, first notified interest in one of three commercial gaming licenses for the downtown area of New York. Each license is estimated to cost around $500 million each, while the state is expected to announce three winners during 2023.

The Naso County Legislature will vote on a proposal to relocate the lease of Naso Hub and Coliseum to a gaming company on Monday, May 22, 2023. The 72 acres of space will be used to develop an integrated casino resort. That is why, the day before, on May 21, 2023, we will hold a rally to declare our opposition to the Casino Citizens’ Association.

Garden City Mayor Mary Carter said Sunday’s rally would be the last chance for communities to speak out against the project before the legislature makes this important decision. The market is a major opponent of gaming real estate, but the official has no say in a vote on whether the lease rights will be transferred to gambling giants.

Las Vegas Sands has promised to pour tens of millions of dollars into Nassau County if it rents Nassau Hub and Coliseum. Previously, the game leader owned and operated the Venetian and Palazzo in the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the Sands Bethlehem in Eastern Pennsylvania. Agreed to pay $54 million to the county after receiving the lease.

The company will pay the county about $5 million a year in rent, as well as $900,000 a year, to cover increased public safety costs. If an operator owns one of the three full casino licenses, annual rent will have to increase to more than US$10 million and double the value of the public safety factor.

Previously, the Casino Citizens’ Association said the casino project would change the nature of Naso County and nearby areas. “The casino project will lead to increased crime, traffic and noise pollution, and it will also have a strong impact on local law enforcement and government,” the politically unrelated group said.

Others oppose projects such as trustees at Hofstra University. They sent an open letter explaining that the casino would be surrounded by kindergartens, graduate schools, and various suburban communities. The letter said these should not be exposed to increased traffic congestion, crime, economic damage to businesses and other negative impacts that potential casinos can cause.

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