Choi Jae-woo and Lee Sang-ho will make a turnaround in Pyeongchang

Mogulski Choi Jae-woo and snowboarder Lee Sang-ho are candidates to give Korea its first Olympic snow medal in Pyeongchang.

Both players have only won “no medals” at this season’s World Cup, but they are dreaming of a turnaround in the Olympic games.

Korea has won 53 medals at the previous Winter Olympics.

They all came from ice skating events such as short track speed skating and speed skating.

The snow event, which has yet to win a single medal, will challenge for the first time in history at the PyeongChang Olympics in its home turf.

The athlete who is closest to his medal dream is Mogulski Choi Jae-woo.

Choi Jae-woo finished fourth three times in the World Cup this season, although he had no medals.

There was also a competition that passed the preliminary round first overall.

As we have consistently kept the medal threshold, it is not impossible to win an Olympic medal if we go one step further.

“My biggest goal is to do my best and show my best condition on that day. When I do well, I think that (the medal) will follow on its own…”

Snowboarder Lee Sang-ho is weaker than last season when he won his first World Cup silver medal this season.

Being ranked seventh twice was the best result, and in many cases, it was pushed out of the top 10.

However, due to the nature of the snowboard event, which determines the game at 0.01 seconds, there is a good chance that Lee Sang-ho will make a turnaround in Pyeongchang.

“There is nothing worse than I expected, but the goal of this season is the Olympics…”

Choi Jae-woo and Lee Sang-ho are waiting for Pyeongchang for the first medal in the snow garden, which will be remembered as a new history of Korean sports.


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