It’s a series of surprises. Shohei Ohtani (29, Los Angeles Angels), who won the first game of the doubleheader, hit consecutive home runs in the second game.

The Los Angeles Angels had a doubleheader with the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan, on the 28th (Korea time). 토토사이트링크

Ohtani, who started Game 1 of the LA Angels, threw 111 balls (71 strikes) in nine innings and recorded one hit and no runs. He has eight strikeouts.

Otani gave up one single hit and three walks, but did not allow a single run to the Detroit batters. His first complete shutout since his Major League debut.

Since then, Otani has started the second game of the doubleheader as a designated hitter and hit two runs over the left fence by Detroit starter Matt Manning in the second inning.

It’s amazing up to here, but Otani was also a player who broke common sense. Otani hit Manning again in the fourth inning with a 6-2 lead over the center fence.

In other words, he won his first Major League shutout as a pitcher in Game 1, and then recorded consecutive at-bats home runs in Game 2. Only Otani can do this.

This marked Otani’s 37th and 38th home runs of the season. He leads the Major League Baseball home run alone. The gap with second-place Matt Olsen widened to six. It is 10 points away from second place in the American League.

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