Spain, ranked 6th in the FIFA rankings.
They’ve never been a World Cup favorite, with their best finish ever being the round of 16.
Today was different.
They opened with a lucky own goal, and then added another with a fantastic left-footed curler in the middle of the box!
And then he calmly finished the ball after it hit the post.
A 3-0 win over Costa Rica and a fresh start.
Next up is the Europa Conference.
In the fateful penalty shootout, the score is very close at 12-11, with both teams’ players succeeding without a single mistake.
In a tense moment, you make a save!
Huh? But then the ball ‘bounces’ back and crosses the goal line.
The goalkeeper doesn’t even realize it’s gone in yet, so did I celebrate too soon?
Regardless, this goalie saved the 14th shot and took the win.
Major League.
A big hit sends the first baseman racing home.
The shortstop fields the ball and throws home.
The result is an out!
Wow~ De La Cruz has a throwing speed of 160.6 miles per hour.
That’s the fastest throw by a big league infielder, 먹튀검증 and he’s a monster.
Top play so far.

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