The financially troubled Day One’s expulsion has left players on edge.

The KBL, which was on the verge of becoming a nine-team league, held a board meeting and approved resort group Sono’s membership to replace Day One.

Announcing its rebirth, Sono said it would pay the KBL’s membership fee.

[Lee Ki-wan/Sono CEO]

“It’s a lump sum. I’ll give it to you as soon as I get the receipt. I’ve prepared 130,000 won per person at the Sonocam Hotel buffet (for today’s dinner).”

The team decided on the name “Sky Gunners,” meaning “cannon or shooter,” and decided to stay in Goyang City.

Coach Kim Seung-ki said that despite the difficulties, they have been practicing steadily and vowed to showcase impressive basketball.

[Coach Kim Seung-ki/Sono]
“It feels so good to see the players again and to be able to (train) formally like this. We will play emotional basketball like last season, and I think we should go to the championship game (in three years).”

The news of the club’s re-establishment brought smiles to the faces of the players who had been somber.

Even though they were sweating like rain from intense training, they enjoyed playing on the court.

[Kim Kang-sun/Sono captain]
“(It’s) hard, but it’s good.”

Although the issue of unpaid wages with Day One has yet to be resolved, 카지노사이트넷 the decision to bring the players, coaching staff, and even the team bus driver together has allowed them to focus on basketball.

[Lee Jung-hyun/Sono]
“I’m so happy right now because I had a lot of good feelings, and I’m looking forward to (the buffet) and can’t wait to try it.”

After going through the twists and turns of being expelled and starting a new team, Sono will begin preparing for the new season in earnest next month with training camp.

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