The top sports news in 2016 was ‘The Choi Soon-sil Gate, which even shook the sports world’

In 2016, Korean sports also ran breathlessly at the Rio Olympics, giving impression and joy.Reporter Kim Jong-chul summarized the “Top 10 Sports News in 2016” selected by Yonhap News based on a survey of sports departments of 57 major media companies nationwide

Choi Soon-sil’s manipulation of state affairs, which brought about the impeachment of the president, was selected as the biggest news in the sports community this year.

Choi Soon-sil, the secret power of the Park Geun Hyen regime, was found to have been involved in various interest projects and personnel affairs in the sports world, including the PyeongChang Olympics.

In the process, former Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jong, who was called the president of the sports world, was found to have served as Choi Soon-sil’s henchman, which shocked the sports world.

The confrontation between Lee Se-dol and Google’s AlphaGo between humans and artificial intelligence has also become a hot topic.

Lee Se-dol struggled by giving up three rounds first to AlphaGo, which was much stronger than expected, but he kept mankind’s pride by winning a dramatic victory in the fourth round.

Park In-bee won the gold medal in golf, which returned to the Olympics after 116 years.

Although his participation was unclear due to a left thumb injury, he achieved a career golden slam with his unique accurate iron shot.

The world’s strongest Korean archery made history at the Rio Olympics.

He swept gold medals in both men’s and women’s individual and team events, winning all archery events for the first time in history.

At the Rio Games, the first Olympics held on the South American continent, Korea won nine gold medals and finished eighth overall.

Since the 2004 Athens Games, it has been in the top 10 for four consecutive times, maintaining its status as a sports powerhouse.

In addition, the match-fixing and referee buying of professional sports, the integration of sports organizations and the launch of the Lee Ki-heung system, and Park Tae-hwan’s difficult participation in the Olympics and sluggishness also drew keen attention.

Jeonbuk’s victory in the Asian Champions League and Doosan’s second consecutive Korean Series in professional baseball were also selected as the top 10 sports news.


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