There are only two ’round 16 tickets’…What is the women’s World Cup opponent’s record?

The opening of the Women’s World Cup, which will be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, is just a week away.

The Korean national team, led by head coach Colin Bell, belonged to Group H with Colombia, Morocco, and Germany.

The Women’s World Cup will kick off a week later.

The South Korean national team, led by Bell, will compete with Colombia, Morocco and Germany for two tickets to the round of 16.

Colombia, the first opponent of the match, is ranked 25th in the FIFA rankings, eight notches lower than us, but its strong physical and active strength, especially striker Myra Ramirez, who is 178cm tall, is considered threatening.

Coach Bell has been advocating “high intensity” in preparation for teams with good physique.

I’m going to overcome physical inferiority with physical strength and sprint.

In the warm-up match against Haiti, which was actually a virtual Colombia, he fell behind in physique and speed, but came from behind to win as his pressure play revived.

As the second leg is Morocco, ranked 72nd in the FIFA rankings, winning against Colombia is important to increase the possibility of advancing to the round of 16.

The national team has won two warm-up matches against Zambia in preparation for the match against Morocco.

However, Morocco is also an opponent who cannot be careless as it recently drew against “strong” Italy.

Germany, the last opponent in the group stage, ranks second in the FIFA rankings and has an average height of 172cm, ahead of us in all aspects.

However, the national team is full of confidence to be the main character of the unexpected event, saying, “I think I am well prepared in terms of physical, technical, and tactical aspects.”

<Choo Hyo-joo / Women’s Soccer World Cup National Team> “We can do well, so please support us from afar and work hard. Way to go


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