The British Columbia Lottery Company has informed the public that there is a problem with its new CA$3 Road to Richs Scratch & Win product. 우리카지노탑 According to the Crown Agency, there was an error in the system to determine if the ticket was a winning ticket at launch. Crown is the reason to advise everyone to check their tickets again.

BCLC is a state-run organization that oversees and manages all of BCLC’s regulated lottery and gambling activities. Crown organization offers iRotary, iGaming and online sports betting on digital playnow platform. All proceeds of the company are reinvested in local coffers. Crown vowed transparency and integrity and apologized for the scratch game issue.

BCLC launched the CA$3 Road to Likes Scratch & Win game on June 6, 2022, informed the system of an error the next day, and urged everyone who purchased the ticket on the opening day to reconfirm that the ticket was not properly marked according to Crown.

According to Crown, British Columbia has confirmed a total of 1,898 CA$3 Road to Likes Scratch & Win tickets through retailers or the Lotto app. Of those 1,898 tickets, 503 were not won, but this issue was resolved by Crown Entities.

Of the 503 tickets won, about 83% won from CA$3 to CA$15, and 15% won with pre-lay tickets. Seven were winners of CA$20, two were CA$30, and only one was CA$100. Crown began a ticket validation review for the game after the player contacted the device about a ticket indicating “not the winner”.

Crown Corporation fixed the issue around 5 a.m. on June 7, 2022, testing confirmed that the game’s validation was working as intended, BCLC also reported that other tickets were not affected by a validation bug in its game system, which Crown is currently reviewing to prevent similar issues in the future.

Also, on Monday, June 6, 2022, the Crown Agency and the Saskatchewan Indian Game Agency announced that BCLC would develop Manitoba’s new iGaming and online sports betting platform. BCLC’s PlayNow platform is specialized in the Saskatchewan market and will include a number of vertical platforms, including a single game betting product recently legalized.

In March, BCLC was also recognized by Corporate Knights for its outstanding social services and contributions to the B.C. province. Corporate Knights’ first social purpose report, “The Path to Social Purpose Transition: Helping Companies Move From “Horses” to “Does,” received a platinum rating

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