Ryu Hyun-jin 36, Toronto Blue Jays is a pitcher with good ability to make weak pitches. In particular, the ability to induce ground balls in the scoring situation prevents a mass loss crisis. 토토사이트 Although the ratio has decreased slightly compared to before after returning from injury, ground ball outs are still more than floating ball outs.

That’s why infield defense is especially important on the day Ryu Hyun-jin takes the mound. However, in a game against the Cleveland Guardians in the Major League Baseball at Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada, on the 27th, infield defense failed to help the Korean Monster.

Ryu Hyun-jin pitched two runs until the fifth inning. He hit two solo home runs, but he did not allow a concentrated hit. In the meantime, Toronto’s batters scored five points to secure the lead. Ryu’s number of pitches was only 60 until the fifth inning. It was effective and efficient.

Ryu Hyun-jin took the opportunity to play the most innings after returning from injury. The first quality start of the season more than six innings and less than three earned runs is also just around the corner. Ryu Hyun-jin has yet to fill six innings this season.

Ryu Hyun-jin hit a right-handed hit by leadoff hitter Cole Calhoun in the top of the sixth inning. He sent a runner in front of Cleveland’s star Jose Ramirez, who hit a solo home run in the top of the first inning. At this time, Toronto prepared to operate the bullpen. It was judged to be the biggest match point in the middle of the game. In addition, Toronto was in urgent need of escaping its third straight loss.

Ramirez pulled Ryu Hyun-jin’s change-up hard. A strong ball of 106 miles per hour came out, but the ball headed to the front of third baseman Matt Chapman. However, Chapman, who won the Gold Glove three times, failed to catch the ball and spilled it to the side. His mind to make a double play seemed to be somewhat ahead of him.

Ryu Hyun-jin induced a grounder again against Oscar Gonzalez at first and second bases with no outs. The ball that hit the changeup had a firing speed of more than 100 miles but flowed in the direction of shortstop. However, shortstop Santiago Espinal failed to catch.

Both scenes were recorded as infield errors. The firing speed of each ball was fast. However, if a fast ball flows in front of the fielder, the possibility of double play increases as long as the ball is caught well. However, the Toronto infield missed two double plays and the situation became a full base with no outs.

Coach John Schneider took the mound himself and replaced Ryu Hyun-jin. The calculation was to overcome the crisis by putting in bullpen pitcher Jimmy Garcia, who has good strikeouts.

Garcia threw a ball that hit first batter Ramon Loreno and the score was 5-3. The tension continued, but Garcia regained his composure and struck out three consecutive batters to put out the fire. Ryu Hyun-jin’s loss increased to three points, but he was remanded in consideration of two errors and a hit ball.

Ryu Hyun-jin finished his fifth appearance after returning from injury with four hits, three runs two earned runs and five strikeouts in five innings. The total number of pitches is 70. The season’s ERA rose slightly from 1.89

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