As a result of the final day of the second round of the Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024 held at Koyang KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 24th, SY won the final first place 4 wins, 4 losses, 16 points and won the postseason direct ticket. 토토사이트링크

Every game on the final day was tense until SY was decided as the winning team. SY and SK Rent-A-Car scored 15 points side by side and NH Nonghyup Card scored 14 points, which also changed the direction of the championship cup depending on the outcome of each team’s game.

SK Rent-A-Car, which had its first game on the day, was the first among the three teams to be pushed out of the competition for the championship as it lost to Welcome Savings Bank 1-4. It was a disappointing result for SK Rent-A-Car, which had to watch the results of two games SW-Hana Card after securing three points.

SY got off to a good start with Daniel Sanchez Spain, Park In-soo winning Nguyen Kuek Nguyen Vietnam and Shin Jung-joo in the first set against Hana Card 11-3 in three innings, but was pushed to the verge of defeat as they gave up two to four sets side by side. In the fifth and sixth sets, Park In-soo and Han Ji-eun won 11-6 7 innings against Nguyen Kueok Nguyen and 9-3 4 innings, respectively, but Hwang Deuk-hee lost 1-11 4 innings to Shin Jung-joo in the seventh set, securing 1 set score of 3-4.

Since the end of the two games, SY was the most ahead with 16 points, but it could not be confirmed to win. If NH Nonghyup Card, which is scheduled for the last game, added three points to 14 points, it was possible to win a come-from-behind victory.

NH Nonghyup Card played a full set match with Crown Haitai, but lost the set score 3-4, winning only one point, and finished the second round with the final 15 points. Cho Jae-ho’s 10-point high-run victory and Kim Bo-mi’s victory in the fifth set, which were just before the set score 1-3 loss, were added to the full set, but Mamin Kam swallowed his disappointment as he lost 6-11 9 innings to Oh Tae-joon in the seventh set.

SY team leader Hwang Deuk-hee said in a press conference after the championship ceremony, It was a pity that I couldn’t win on my own, but I was able to win because my team members did their best. I’m so happy that I can’t say it, he said. We communicated while training together every day. The driving force behind the victory was that I was able to play with much higher concentration in the second round than in the first round, he said.

After completing the second round, the PBA team league will resume the team league in the third round from mid-September. PBA will hold the SW PBA-LPBA Championship at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang from the 30th. The competition will be divided into the women’s LPBA from 30th to September 4th and the PBA from September 5th to 11th.

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