Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ published an article on the 16th (KST) titled

‘Tottenham’s new leadership group: Can we bring what we desperately needed

It shed light on the newly launched ‘Captain Son Heung-min’ regime.

In April

when Tottenham lost 4-1 to Newcastle United 바카라사이트

chairman Daniel Levy met with the Tottenham leadership group

the players’ committee.

It consists of captain Hugo Lloris, vice-captain Harry Kane, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Eric Dier

which is the link between the dressing room and the club.

But over time

it changed completely.

Kane is gone

and Lloris is sooner or later.

Hojbjerg can leave if the right offer comes in.

Dyer didn’t even sit on the bench against Brentford and has only one year left on his contract.”

“Enze Postecoglou has appointed Son Heung-min as captain and James Maddison and Cristian Romero as vice-captains.

Considering that the change of captaincy is a gradual process, this is a huge change that has been made in a short period of time.

It reflects how much Tottenham are in transition.

There are two main ways to look at it.

The first is that for several years

Tottenham’s leadership has not been known exactly

and how it will deal with it.

The second is that we need to provide leadership to a group that needs new ideas as a result of continued disappointment.”

“The trio covers all areas. Heung-min Son as the overall leader and centre-back, Madison as the England player

and Romero as the reference point for Spanish-speaking players and South American descent.

They also play every week.

It’s an opportunity for diverse voices to stand out internally.

Can they provide the leadership that Tottenham lacked? For Son Heung-min

there is a huge amount of pressure.

Postecoglou praised Son Heung-min’s leadership even before his appointment as captain.

Madison is also the heart of the squad and Romero is also respected.

The leadership of these three players is leading Tottenham into a new era.

Ahead of the season opener

Tottenham entered the regime of captain Son Heung-min.

This comes after Sungol youth and world-class Kane moved to Bayern Munich. Tottenham said on the club’s website:

Son Heung-min has been appointed captain. He took over the armband from Lloris, who had been captain since the 2014-15 season.

Madison and Romero have been named vice-captains.

Son Heung-min said:

It’s a great honour to captain such a huge club.

It’s a very proud moment.

I told the players that everyone on and off the pitch had to be like the captain.

It’s a new season and a new beginning.

I will give everything for this jersey and the armband.

Head coach Ange Postecoglou said:

Sonny (Son Heung-min) has great leadership on and off the pitch and is an ideal choice as the new captain.

We all know him as a world-class player and he has a lot of respect from everyone in the dressing room.

Son Heung-min transcends the group.

It’s not just because of its popularity.

It’s something we achieved in the game.

The group Postecoglou mentioned can be interpreted as a fraternity within the squad.


they can be divided by criteria such as age






Occasional rumours of a faction within the squad can be considered quite deadly.

Son Heung-min transcended all of the aforementioned criteria.

One example is the ‘WKM’ (Wales Korea Mafia) formed with Ben Davies

Joe Roden, and Gareth Bale.

When Bale was loaned to Tottenham

the sight of Son Heung-min mingling among the Welshmen was met with laughter.

They boasted such a close friendship that they even existed in a group chat room.

It’s the same with career.

Not long ago

a photo was shared with Romero and Emerson Royal.

Emerson has been a constant by Son Heung-min’s side since joining the club and commented on the photo, “Mis hermanos (my brothers).


who joined the club this summer

shared a photo of himself with Son Heung-min and described him as “Maddison Son.

We also take care of the younger prospects.

At the end of the 2022-23 EPL Round of 38 final match against Leeds United.

Under the headline

Son Heung-min’s moment when he showed his quality with his Tottenham teammate

Son Heung-min has once again shown how popular he is at Tottenham.

He always has a smile on his face and welcomes and encourages all academy players.

You can often see him sitting at the entrance to the training ground and high-fives with the youth.

Fans will have seen a special moment between Son Heung-min and the youth player after the Leeds game.

Matthew Craig, who made his debut thanks to acting head coach Ryan Mason

is the protagonist.

While the Tottenham players thanked the fans

Son Heung-min walked up to Craig and shared a deep hug.

I can feel the desire to take care of the young players.

As such

Son Heung-min has leadership that encompasses all groups of the squad.

It’s a spiritual pillar that anyone can feel comfortable approaching and leaning on.

It’s hard to see it simply because he’s been playing for Tottenham for a long time and has a good position.

It was made possible by the dedication of hard work on and off the field.

That’s what Postecoglou appreciated.

It’s a decision that can’t be made simply on the basis of popularity.

Tottenham have been in a state of irrelevance for a long time and their winning mentality has dropped a lot.

Last season

Antonio Conte pointed out Dokdo mentality of the squad.

Captain Son Heung-min took on the heavy burden of addressing such an issue and wore the armband.

It was special from the season opener.

Prior to kick-off


led by Son Heung-min

gathered in front of Tottenham fans and chanted fighting.

Madison said

Sonny messaged me last night that he had an idea.

The idea was to go to the stands instead of the middle of the stadium.

I think it was a pleasure to show that we’re all in this together.

I think the fans would have thought highly of us.

As ‘The Athletic’ highlighted

Son Heung-min has taken on the role of a reference point that needs to be united.

Tottenham will be looking to win again against Manchester United in the next round.

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