Lee Eui-ri started the game against the Samsung Lions at Pohang Baseball Stadium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 3rd and gave up eight hits and four walks in five innings and allowed four runs. 토토사이트링크 In the first inning alone, he gave up walks and walks and was in crisis, and he quickly gave up a 4-0 lead after hitting a timely hit after one out and a two-run double after two outs. He seemed to continue pitching in the first half of the year.

However, he regained control of the ball and blocked four scoreless innings until the fifth inning with his powerful ball power. Then the batters burst.The gap was gradually narrowed until the fifth inning. In the top of the sixth inning, he attacked Samsung’s Won Tae-in and supported as many as six points to run to 9-4. With the support of the batters, the winning pitcher requirements were created.

He even got help from the bullpen. Kang Han-ul, Lee Jae-hyun, and Kim Tae-hoon hit three consecutive hits in the bottom of the sixth inning, causing a full base crisis with no outs and were substituted. It was a crisis that led to mass runs. Left-hander Lee Joon-young and right-hander Jang Hyun-sik blocked and avoided additional runs. The batters added another three runs in the top of the ninth inning to give the team a victory.

It was an exceptionally lucky Lee Ui-ri. On April 2, the first game of the season, at the SSG Incheon game, Kim Ho-ryeong’s good defense won the match. Since then, the innings have accumulated at least nine wins with the help of offense, defense, and bullpen. He is tied for fifth in the multiple wins category. If you add one more win in the future, you will win double-digit wins for the second consecutive year.

Still, the second half is much more stable than the first half. In the first half, he failed to fill five innings per game. There were 7.64 walks per nine innings. There was a lack of innings. Therefore, 1+1 Longmen, including Lim Ki-young, stood by behind. Lim Ki-young’s good pitching often prevented additional runs and won seven games.

In the second half, he allowed three runs in six innings and four runs in five innings in two games. The number of strikeouts decreased, but the number of walks also decreased noticeably to 4.91 per nine innings. KIA is looking forward to Lee Eui-ri’s second-half innings. Perhaps because of his age, Yang Hyun-jong has not been able to play properly in the innings recently. The new foreign pitcher Sanchez has also slowed down in the last two games, raising concerns.

Lee Eui-ri has to lead the mound in a fierce ranking competition in the future. Rookie Yoon Young-chul is also playing five innings and six innings, but Lee Eui-ri should stay at the center as an ace. The must-win bullpen is also overloaded. The mound can run smoothly only when the starters play at least five innings and up to seven innings. It is a responsibility given to Lee Eui-ri. For now, it is encouraging to throw more than five innings in two games.

Now, Lee Eui-ri’s presence has grown not only in the KBO League ranking fight but also in the national Hangzhou Asian Games. Koo Chang-mo, who was expected to be an ace, is likely to be replaced due to an injury. Without Koo Chang-mo, left-handed pitchers are Choi Ji-min and Lee Eui-ri. Lee Eui-ri is also likely to start the match against Japan. Attention is focusing on whether the acceptance will continue in Hangzhou.

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