Just recently, Rivers Casino & Resort Shenectady in Northern New York settled millions of lawsuits over incorrectly paying employees overtime. The lawsuit was filed by Kendra Brown, who was the building’s waitress from April 2017 to December 2019, who claimed that she lacked overtime while working at the casino. 릴게임사이트

In addition to the class action from Ms. Brown, a class action was also filed by her former colleagues who claimed they had not received the right amount. The defendants in this case are Rush Street Gaming, the company that owns the property, and Capital Region Gaming, the operator of the Shenectady facility.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that they were paid less than they should when working at the casino. All employees said that the funds missing from the check were employees who received hourly tips. The lawsuit further noted that casinos did not comply with the Fair Work Standards Act along with the New York Labor Law.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Ms. Brown and her colleagues had miscalculated overtime pay by casino management. So casinos actually pay less than they should. In September, Rush Street Gaming and its employees reached an agreement, through which the company would reimburse them $5.5 million in litigation and attorney fees.

Lawyers representing Miss Brown were paid $11.3723 an hour for her 0.88 hours of overtime on pay from May 11, 2017 to May 18, 2017. At the time, New York law stated that workers should be paid a minimum wage of $9.70 per hour, and that employers could demand a tip credit of $1.6 or less per hour.

Therefore, according to the lawsuit, the casino must compensate the plaintiff at least $12.95 per hour for overtime. But it should be noted that Ms Brown will not receive the full $5.5 million in the lawsuit. This is because the settlement limited her compensation to $7,500, much more than she still didn’t get for overtime.

In the summer, the casino was embroiled in another controversy, with Takeylyn Gibson and her twin daughters, Tajhanae and Tahziana Gibson, taking the property to court. The three women claim they were verbally and physically abused by several security guards at the casino during the visit. Plaintiffs are currently seeking financial compensation for serious personal injury and serious physical damage

It should be noted that Rivers Casino & Resort Scheectady does not always make headlines for controversy. Earlier this year, premium game amenity celebrated its five-year operation since its launch on February 8, 2017. And to celebrate the event, we presented a $5 food and beverage special discount, as well as card prizes and more to our valued customers.

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