The remarkable efforts of the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission to design and implement a regulatory framework for Ontario’s fresh and competitive internet gaming market, launched in April, have been duly recognized. 카지노사이트 As a testament to their dedication and expertise, AGCO was awarded the Excellence in Gaming Regulation Award by the North American Gaming Regulators Association.

AGCO is the regulator overseeing the alcohol, gaming, horse racing and personal cannabis retail industries in Ontario. Operating on the principles of honesty, integrity and public interest, AGCO is administered by a board of directors responsible for the Department of Justice, was established on February 23, 1998, and functions as a corporation under the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission Act 2019.

The Ontario Regulatory Agency was honored for its outstanding contributions and achievements in game regulation at NAGRA’s conference in Boise, Idaho, on June 13, 2023. As the state’s gaming watchdog, AGCO played a key role in developing responsible internet gaming models that prioritized consumer choice, player protection, and legal market growth. It debuted last April.

Ontario’s regulated iGaming market has seen notable success in its first year, with a significant shift to regulated sites. Thanks to 45 registered operators, 75 sites and 5,000 certified games, more than 85% of respondents gamble on regulated platforms. Registrar and CEO Tom Mungham said strong government leadership, cooperation with iGaming Ontario and the commitment of operators, suppliers and stakeholders contributed to this achievement.

Attorney General Doug Downey praised AGCO for its outstanding regulatory efforts in the new gaming market. The Department of Attorney General is proud to work with AGCO to build a safe, legal and competitive market that promotes innovation, creates employment opportunities, and ensures player protection and choice. The award recognizes achievements in these areas.

NAGRA President Jennifer LaMont congratulated regulators on the award for excellence in gaming. The nominations included AGCO’s collaborative efforts, skills, dedication and teamwork to develop and implement a regulatory framework for Ontario’s new iGaming market. The details provided for the award were the dedication of the AGCO staff team.

This is not the first time Ontario regulators have been recognized for their efforts to carry out responsible gambling. Back in October 2022, the watchdog was awarded the Regulatory Excellence Award at a meeting of the International Game Regulatory Association. This involved opening a successful eye-gaming market for private businesses in the province.

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