Badminton Empress Ahn Se-young 21, Samsung Life, who won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games after fighting for injury, was diagnosed with a torn knee ligament. 스포츠토토핫 Looking back now, Ahn Se-young did not give up the game and showed his mental strength to play until the end despite such an injury.

According to the Korea Badminton Association and Ahn Se-young’s team, Samsung Life Insurance, Ahn Se-young conducted a magnetic resonance imaging examination after returning home the previous day the 8th, and received a result from the medical staff that the tendon near the right knee was torn, News 1 reported on the 9th.

Ahn Se-young won the team and individual competitions at the Hangzhou Asian Games, winning two gold medals. At the end of the Asian Games, he played until the end of the game despite a knee injury, and furthermore, he won a victory and became a national hero.

Ahn Se-young clashed with Chen Yu-pei of China in the women’s singles final of the Asian Games badminton on the 7th. At the time, Ahn Se-young felt pain in her right knee while playing one game and collapsed. Still, Ahn did not lose hope. While being treated on the court, he expressed his intention to continue the game without losing his unique smile.

In fact, Ahn Se-young was very tired from playing various international competitions, including the World Championship and the Chinese Open, even before the Asian Games. The knee was slowly strained, and he was injured during the final.

Ahn Se-young was unable to do smashes or jumps that required strength due to knee pain. It was deadly. However, Ahn Se-young calmly changed her strategy and responded. He began to take over the shuttlecock hit by his opponent Chun Yu-pei in an exquisite position. Ahn Se-young herself did not take many movements, but on the contrary, she revised it to a strategy that continued to drain the power of Cheon Yu-Pay.

Chen Yu-pei, who seemed to have won easily due to Ahn Se-young’s fighting spirit, began to panic. Ahn Se-young caught the first set, which was leading even with knee pain. He then gave up two games, but showed endless fighting spirit in three games. They staged an infinite rally operation. Due to Ahn Se-young’s play, which received most of the shuttlecock, Chun Yu-pei’s legs did not fall. In the end, Ahn Se-young took the third set and won the game score 2-1 21-18, 17-21, 21-8 and won the gold medal of honor. Ahn Se-young said about his injury after the final match, My knee hurt very much. But fortunately, it was enough to walk. I thought this time would never come again, so I wanted to do it firmly. That’s why I ran.

Ahn Se-young rose to the top of the women’s singles for the first time in 29 years since the 1994 Hiroshima Games, becoming the queen of badminton. Ahn Se-young, who led the women’s team to victory on the 1st, smiled broadly with two gold medals in this tournament. Earlier in the team event, Ahn Se-young defeated Cheon Yu-pei. At that time, Ahn Se-young was a singles runner in the first game of the team event and won a complete 2-0 victory over Chen Yu-pei.

In fact, for Ahn Se-young, Cheon Yu-pei was a very difficult opponent. Until last year, Ahn Se-young was far behind Chun Yu-pei with one win and seven losses. In the past, Ahn Se-young appeared on an entertainment program and reflected on the Jakarta-Palembang competition, saying, “I was so embarrassed. The game didn’t work. After that, I started exercising without taking a day off. I ran or played badminton even on my day off.” Regarding losing to Chen Yu-pei at the Tokyo Olympics, he also said, “I thought about whether I really can’t beat him. It felt like a wall,” he confessed. However, Ahn continued to grow. This year, he met Chen Yu-pei nine times and won seven times to overcome his natural enemy.

Ahn Se-young experienced her first Asian Games at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games when she was 16. Ahn Se-young, who was eliminated after losing his first game at the time, also participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but suffered a setback in the quarterfinals. However, it has seen rapid growth this year. After becoming the first South Korean player to win a singles title at the World Individual Badminton Championships in August, he also won a gold medal at the Asian Games.

Ahn Se-young will concentrate on rehabilitation for two to five weeks due to the knee tendon injury. As a result, it became impossible to participate in the 104th National Sports Festival National Sports Festival, which will be held from this day. In addition, it is not expected that it will be easy to participate in the Danish Open and French Open, which will continue from the middle of this month. An association official said, “Ahn Se-young’s knee was not good since the Chinese Open, but it seems that her tendon was damaged due to the deterioration of consecutive team and individual competitions at the Asian Games. We will decide whether to participate in international competitions in the future after discussing with our team while looking at the player’s physical condition.

Ahn Se-young received a fighting spirit award from the KOC. The fighting spirit that never gave up until the end impressed many people. Now, Ahn will concentrate on treating her injury and participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, which will open in July next year.

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