Daum has suspended the service following controversy over the number of clicks to support China on its support page during the men’s soccer quarterfinal match between South Korea and China at the Hangzhou Asian Games in China.” ‘Click cheer’ is a feature that we have been providing to make it easy for anyone to support sports events without logging in,” Daum Sports said on February 2, “We are discontinuing this service because it allows users to click an unlimited number of times while not logged in, which may inflate the number of clicks for a particular team.” The company added that it will review its click-through policy in the coming days, but the commenting feature on the Asian Games support page will remain .In the previous day’s Asian Games quarterfinal match between South Korea and China, South Korea defeated China 2-0, but the percentage of clicks in favor of the Chinese team on the following support page exceeded 90 percent at one point. By the time the game ended at 10 p.m., the percentage of clicks in favor of China had dropped to 55% (1.196 million clicks), but it was still higher than the percentage in favor of South Korea. On the other hand, at the same time, the proportion of “cheer” clicks for China on Naver’s cheering page was around 10%.In response to this, portal users and social networking sites (SNS) expressed puzzlement that Daum, a Korean portal, had a higher click-through rate for China. In particular, Daum has been in conflict with the political sphere for a long time over its news exposure algorithm, related comments, and ‘left bias’ controversy related to the operation of ‘Daum Agora’ .The day before, ruling politicians expressed their doubts, and the People’s Power officially commented on the following suspicions of public opinion manipulation. The reason why the results of users’ cheer clicks on Daum and Naver were so different was basically based on whether they were logged in or not. Both Daum and Naver provided lineups, text broadcasts, and match records of players from both countries on their support pages, but users had to log in to cheer on Naver, while Daum allowed unlimited click-throughs without a separate login .However, Naver is the same in that you can click cheer an unlimited number of times as long as you are logged in.In addition, Daum and Naver have been blocked in China since January 2019 and May last year, respectively. In this regard, some analysts believe that someone installed a “macro” (automatic input repetition) 스포츠토토링크 program to manipulate public opinion.

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