Initially, LG Bench’s plan for the 2023 season’s fall baseball Ending was to put two players, foreign pitchers Adam Plutko and Casey Kelly, and domestic starting resources Choi Won-tae, Lee Jung-yong and Lim Chan-kyu, as four Korean Series starters. 토토사이트링크

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop predicted that only two foreign pitchers would be fixed and only two domestic starting cards would be needed when entering September. He also named the candidates himself.

But things have changed a little. LG finished the regular season smoothly amid a series of starting variables. He confirmed his regular season title for the first time in 29 years since 1994. However, if you look at the Korean series, there are many puzzles to be matched as if preparing for the new season from spring camp.

Flutko’s plan to return to action in the first round has already fallen through. Flutko, who signaled his return to bullpen pitching on the 23rd of last month after rehabilitation after a pelvic bruise at the end of August, delayed his actual pitching again without being sure of his physical condition, and he became impossible to take the mound for the rest of the season. It is said that the player himself is very careful because he has experienced an injury in the past.

The Korean Series will not be held until early November. There is still time. However, manager Yeom’s plan to check Flutko’s performance more than twice and plan for the Korean Series has already collapsed. As a result, LG’s bench is forced to prepare a lane. For example, it is necessary to prepare for the Korean Series on the premise that the Flutco card has disappeared.

This seems to be the reason why LG has to give meaning to the rest of the season’s games even after confirming its direct advance to the Korean Series. It is expected that it will be time to check manager Yeom’s short-term field management plan and prepare three domestic starters with Korean Series cards.

Coach Yeom also operated a three-man selection system, including Andy Van Hekken, Henry Sosa and Oh Jae-young, in a meeting between Samsung and the Korean Series in 2014 when he was the head coach of the Nexen Heroes. However, in situations where a strong one-two punch has not been secured, the three-person selection system is meaningless. LG’s Korean Series this year is likely to be a four-member selection system.

At the end of the season, new faces such as Lee Ji-gang shine in the LG starters. However, in fall baseball, where strength and strength, field of view, experience, and belly work evenly, there is a high possibility that a little more proven pitcher will be appointed.

As a result, right-handers such as Choi Won-tae, Lee Jung-yong, and Lim Chan-kyu are expected to be added as an option to left-hander Kim Yoon-sik. The domestic selection may be adjusted depending on the relativity with the team that will come up to the Korean Series.

Kelly, who was even raised about the possibility of replacement only in June, is regaining his original ace prowess, which is still helping LG. Kelly has two wins and a 1.42 ERA in four games since September.

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