Earlier this year, U.S. Representative Paul Tonko introduced legislation that would prompt the federal government to ban sports betting advertising nationwide. A bill titled H.R. 967 has not gained much traction since a few months ago, and it appears that the bill is no longer supported in Congress today than it was at the beginning of the year. 릴게임사이트

His proposal comes after the public and addiction experts shared concerns about the growing popularity of mobile sports betting and a related influx of betting and advertising. Despite launching in January 2022, Empire State’s online marketplace quickly outpaced New Jersey and Nevada in both handle and state tax revenue.

At a racing and gaming conference in Saratoga in August, Mr Tonko explained the need to fight the aggressive marketing strategies of sportsbook operators. Several states are now working to address such marketing, and Mr. Tonko reiterated that dealing with such gambling advertising requires federal regulation.

In addition, he added that his bill would not be a complete gold spoon for mobile sports betting, instead targeting predatory advertising coupled with a significant rise in gambling addiction. His proposal was referred to the Energy and Commerce Committee, where he is a member. The Energy and Commercial Commission has jurisdiction over healthcare at the federal level.

The lawmaker pointed out that sports gambling advertising poses a particularly dangerous threat to teenagers and teenagers who do not know the dangers of gambling while announcing the Betting Act on Our Future, but the current legislation remains the only sponsor of the legislation in February 2023.

In addition, Mr. Tonko said that these unregulated ads have become quite a problem, as betting companies pour billions of dollars into making sure their ads reach every household in the United States during the years when the Supreme Court decriminalized sports betting. That is why he believes that uncensored and over-promoting betting sites must be discouraged.

Meanwhile, Empire State’s mobile sports betting market continues to grow, and in July 2023, the state celebrated reaching a significant $25 billion milestone in processed sports betting in online sports betting. This was done in less than 18 months, making New York the fastest legal jurisdiction in the country to achieve that number.

New York Senator Joe Adabbo and other lawmakers are considering introducing online casino play and Internet lottery as legal options, in addition to the growing popularity of mobile sports betting. He said the C$1 billion from mobile sports betting for education is a monumental milestone. So MPs are urging further expansion of the game offering.

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