With the release of its fiscal report for the third quarter of 2022-2023 this week, Rotto-Québec has now registered another remarkable quarter. 릴게임사이트 For the quarter, Crown Corp reported total revenue of C$2.225 billion and consolidated net profit of C$1.24 billion. This is the best quarter since the introduction of the Tobacco Control Act, according to previous data.

Rottoquebec, a state-owned crown company founded in 1969, offers responsible gambling and lottery products in Quebec. It operates lottery games such as lottery games and scratch cards, casinos and game venues, bingo playrooms, video lottery tickets, and online gambling through its online portal lotoquebec.com , with operating proceeds being invested back in the provinces.

From September 27 to December 26, 2022, Crown Corporation paid more than C$397.1 million in lottery, network bingo and ginjo rewards, bringing its total to C$1.13 billion since April 1, 2022. Q3 FY2022-2023 saw 32 new millionaires, bringing the fiscal year total to 69.

Another important highlight of the third quarter was the launch of the 100% Legal campaign, which focused messages on the local side. It reminded us that 100% of the amount played on its iGaming platform will be reinvested in the provinces. The Crown also installed a sportsbook in Lac-Leamy’s casinos in November and a second in Salon dejeux de Trois-Rivières in January.

In addition, the Crown Agency is sponsoring several initiatives and nonprofits under the Giving Back program, which allowed Quebecers to donate more than C$1 million to the organization they wanted in the fall. The three properties also renewed their BOMA Best certification in the third quarter, recognizing the excellence of energy and environmental management and the performance of commercial properties.

Meanwhile, Crown is committed to highlighting an inspired and innovative spirit in the field of gaming and innovation in general by supporting the next generation. Representatives of the company attend the MEGAMIGS Festival and HUB Montréal, where they awarded several grants and discussed topics with other participants.

In February, the Crown Agency shared plans for a potential video gambling lottery venue located right next to the Bell Centre in downtown Montreal. The plan is to install hundreds of VLTs at the vacant Taverne Modne restaurant in 1909 and utilize the market. Details were first revealed in a radio interview by Jean-Francois Bergeron, CEO of the organization.

However, plans for VLT properties have not been well received by everyone in the area. Dr. Jeff Derebensky, director of the International Center for Youth Gambling Issues and High Risk Behavior, said the accessibility of gambling and its availability are related to problem gambling. He said it would potentially give people a chance to develop gambling problems or addiction.

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