The two clubs have established a rivalry based in London, but this relationship has continued not only in the game but also in the transfer market, so the joys and sorrows of the two clubs have been mixed 10 years ago. 먹튀검증 Considering that a Brazilian striker’s transfer came to Tottenham’s eyes at the time, it was like a nightmare for Tottenham and luck for Chelsea.

Willian, a Brazilian winger, made his senior debut after playing for the youth team in the prestigious Corinthians in Brazil as a child. Upon his debut, he appeared wearing No. 10 and immediately received the attention of European clubs. Ukrainian powerhouse Shakhtar Donetsk was the first team to reach out to Willian one season after his professional debut with Corinthians.

Willian, who won the regular league title and the Ukrainian Cup at the same time as his debut in Shakhtar, played 161 games for Shakhtar in five and a half seasons and scored 33 goals to promote his value to the European stage. Despite his young age, his performance was brilliant, and he was only 24 years old when he left Shakhtar.

Immediately after Shakhtar’s transfer, he was not lucky to head to a big club. Anji Mahachkala, who was attracting players based on huge Russian capital at the time, offered a transfer fee of 35 million euros about 49.2 billion won and embraced Willian. But Anji had to decide to say goodbye to Willian after just half a season. Due to the team’s financial difficulties, high-value players such as Willian were put on the market.

When Willian reappeared in the transfer market, Premier League clubs finally began to show interest in recruiting. Tottenham was the first team to approach Willian.

At that time, Tottenham needed a player with active activity, shooting ability, and speed on the wing like Willian. With Gareth Bale, a team ace and destructive player on the wing, imminent to Real Madrid, it was hard to find a replacement for Bale. Tottenham believed Willian could play the role.

Bale was a key player in Tottenham’s attack, scoring 21 goals in the league in the 2012/13 season alone, just before leaving the club. Tottenham’s willingness to send such a veil and replace him with Willian gave them a sense of anticipation. Negotiations have also accelerated. Willian stayed in London for two weeks at the time to discuss the contract. I waited for Tottenham’s decision.

However, Tottenham could not immediately recruit Willian. This is because the transfer of Bale has not been completed yet. Tottenham was immersed in tapping the calculator to recruit Willian, which will be signed after the transfer was completed.

However, Willian’s phone rang just before Tottenham wrapped up their contract. At the time, Liverpool also showed interest in him, so it was Willian who judged that Liverpool would have enough proposals, but Liverpool was not the club that came out of the agent’s mouth.

Agent Willian said, Chelsea just called me. I want you, he said, shaking Willian’s heart. Chelsea were a dream club for Willian. Willian arrived at Tottenham’s training ground at the time, completed his contract, and even booked a medical test, but his mind had already flown to Chelsea after a word from his agent.

Okay, I want to go to Chelsea, said Willian, and Tottenham were on the verge of everything going blank. That’s why I held Willian for now. Willian, who was caught at Tottenham’s training ground for more than eight hours, faced all kinds of threats and conciliations. I faced Tottenham’s dissuasion to reconsider the decision.

Then Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas said, I’m going to report you to FIFA! All the English fans will boo, he said, but he couldn’t give up on going to Chelsea. Willian, who overcame eight hours of conciliation to escape the training ground, immediately ran to Chelsea and signed his contract and got a blue uniform.

Since moving to Chelsea, Willian has been on a roll as everyone knows. With 63 goals in 339 games for Chelsea, he has established himself as a symbol of Chelsea’s 2010s with Eden Hazard, including two league wins, one FA Cup win and one Europa League win for Chelsea before moving to Arsenal ahead of the 2020/21 season.

It was the best decision of my career, Willian said in an interview since leaving Chelsea. Chelsea fans even made a song by remembering that Willian refused to move to Tottenham and chose to go to Chelsea. During Willian’s time at Chelsea, Stamford Bridge said, Those Tottenham boys booked a flight, but Willian saw the light and took Abramovich’s call and left for Stamford Bridge. “He hates, dislikes, dislikes, dislikes Tottenham cheering song rang out.

Meanwhile, Willian’s change of heart for Tottenham is a painful memory considering his performance at Chelsea. However, there is some comfort for Tottenham fans as well.

It was Christian Eriksen who came to Tottenham after Willian left for Chelsea. While Chelsea succeeded in winning the league with Willian, Tottenham also reached the UEFA Champions League final with Eriksen. It is a story that can soothe the disappointment of Tottenham fans.

The two teams with such a story will clash for the first time in the 2023/24 season. At 5 a.m. on the 7th, Tottenham’s home stadium will open the “London Derby” with Mauricio Pochettino, who was Tottenham’s coach four years ago but is now Chelsea’s coach.

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