“I met good seniors and juniors while I was in Samsung, and although it was hard, I was very happy to play baseball with them.”

Former Samsung Lions outfielder Lee Tae-hoon (28), who was notified of his non-contract on May 25, said goodbye to his fans.

Lee joined Samsung in 2018 after graduating from Dongseong High School and Hongik University, and was recognized for his talent as a right-handed slugger. After joining the team, he expanded his defensive range to the outfield as well as third base to enhance his competitiveness, but settled on first base to reduce his defensive burden and focus on offense.

He made his first appearance in the first team in 2021, batting just 1-for-8 with six RBIs in 32 at-bats and three runs scored in 25 games.

Despite his lack of success in the first team, Lee showed promise as a slugger, leading the Futures South League in home runs and RBIs in 2021.

On his Instagram,

Lee said, “Thank you so much for supporting me so far and for being so insufficient. While at Samsung, I met good seniors and juniors, and although it was hard, I was so happy to play baseball with such colleagues,” he said.

He also said, “Even though I didn’t become a superstar player like others think, I was honored and happy to play baseball on the field with superstars. I will always support them and live with pride,” he added.

Finally, Lee Tae-hoon said, “To the fans who supported me, I’m really grateful once again and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t reciprocate as much as you expected and supported me. I’m always grateful.”

Still young and full of potential, 카지노사이트가이드 Lee Tae-hoon is currently working on his personal training as he awaits a call from another club.

Meanwhile, Samsung has removed Noh Gun-woo, Park Se-woong, Jang Ji-hoon, Kim Yong-ha, Kim Jun-woo, Meng Sung-joo, Park Yong-min (pitchers), Kim Ho-jae, Lee Tae-hoon, Yoon Jung-hoon (infielders), and Song Jun-seok (outfielders) from the pending list.

“Considering the current roster composition and future developmental aspects, we decided not to re-sign 11 players,” the club said.

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