Recently, the British Columbia Lottery announced the winning of its new slot jackpot in the state. 카지노사이트 Port Hardy’s Paul Willie, who traveled to Nanaimo, won an incredible 588,376.64 Canadian dollars by playing slot games on Crown Company’s PlayNow online platform.

Of the more than 800 gambling sites in BC right now, BCLC’s PlayNow portal is the only legal site to offer regulated gambling and sports betting in the state. Profits from this platform are reinvested in education, healthcare, and community programs. They also fund the Community Gaming Grants program, which provides more than C$140 million annually to nonprofits.

According to the Crown Research Institute, Mr. Willy won the amazing award for playing an online slot game at PlayNow when he was on a road trip and spent the night at the Nanaimo Hotel. He’s now taken home a hefty 588,376.64 Canadian dollars. However, at first, he didn’t believe his eyes as the slot games said he hit a jackpot worth more than $500,000.

When claiming his check at the BCLC office, the Fort Hardy man explained that he had a hard time realizing how much he had won on the night of his stunning victory. Mr. Willie said at the time that he was unsure what to think or believe, checked the screen several times, and even thought it was some kind of lie. Fortunately for him, his windfall was quite realistic.

After his income was confirmed by the Crown Agency, the winner contacted his family to share the huge surprise. He was most excited about delivering the news to his children. Now, he plans to buy a new car, while planning more car trips in the near future, with huge prize money.

Over the years, British Columbia residents have snatched impressive products from land-based casinos and online at PlayNow. For example, earlier this year, Angie Lovell of Camroops won an incredible 992,000 Canadian dollars by playing a mobile-only Odds of the Gods slot game. She packed a heavy windfall while in her trailer at Schwab.

As she began to lose hope of winning something and her rotation was nearing the end, the wheel sparked a gradual jackpot worth C$992,940.48 (C$992.940.48). With the huge jackpot, she treated her daughter to a nice dinner by the lake. In the past, she helped her son financially, and with her new money, she will be able to help her daughters, too.

In August 2020, B.C. witnessed another major slot win, this time in brick and mortar format. The winner was Joshua Alexander, who won an incredible CA$1 million after playing 20 minutes on a PowerBuck™ slot machine. He made it by betting 5.25 CA$ at the Playtime Casino Kelowna.

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