In June last year, Manchester City reportedly specified a transfer clause as well as a £51 million transfer fee to Borussia Dortmund in Germany to recruit Holland. 스포츠토토 Holland signed a five-year contract with Manchester City.

Since July last year, media have reported that Holland’s contract includes a clause that allows him to move to Real Madrid from the summer of 2024.

Surprised, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola strongly denied the report, saying it was not true at all. Holland does not have a transfer clause related to any other team, not just Real Madrid, he said.

However, Holland’s agent Rafaela Pimenta did not deny there was a transfer clause. Asked about the transfer clause in an interview with an Italian media outlet, Pimenta said, I can’t answer because I have a lawyer here, but didn’t say, No. So it has almost become a foregone conclusion that this ‘transfer clause’ exists.

At the time, media reported that the transfer clause will be invoked in the summer of 2024, two years after the contract began, and that the transfer fee will be 175 million pounds about 282.6 billion won. He added that Barcelona or Real Madrid are interested in Holland.

However, rumors of Holland’s transfer have been circulating again recently. Pimenta, Holland’s agent, appeared in Real Madrid. The Sun of England said on the 12th, Real Madrid is preparing for Holland’s summer transfer as Holland’s agent heads to Bernabeu and a release clause emerges.

The media predicted that Holland’s agent would be listed in the transfer market this summer as he was reportedly seen at the Real Madrid Stadium. The Sun then said, Manchester City’s ace, who has already scored 15 goals this season, is one of European football’s deadliest strikers. It remains in the Spanish giant’s recruitment plan, he explained.

Currently, there is a lot of speculation that Real Madrid could bid for Holland if the transfer clause is invoked. According to the Sun’s quotes from a media outlet in Spain, Pimenta visited Bernabeu, where the Champions League Braga match was held on the 9th, and watched Real Madrid win.

Her visit to Real Madrid is inevitable because there was no player with Pimenta in both Real Madrid and Braga teams that faced off on the day. The report focuses on the release clause, which began last year, and is drawing attention due to the transfer clause that takes effect after this season.

Pimenta insists that not only Holland, but also its customers, players, should always be given options for the future. In other words, because she is an agent, she is obligated to present better conditions and the final decision is made by the player.

Pimenta told Spanish media AS, One of my priorities as an agent is to provide the player with what I call the ‘key to the door, adding, When a player goes to the club, I do my best to create conditions so that the key to the door is in his hands.

Of course, Real Madrid and Pimenta are not negotiating yet over the transfer. The media says that full-fledged negotiations will take place in the summer, but not now.

Holland’s transfer clause will be activated at the end of this season. If he pays 283 billion won in transfer fee, he can be recruited. His agent’s visit to the Real Madrid stadium was captured by the media.

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