Upstate New York casino bidders are relying on new tactics to win community support, including attempts to attract children. 바카라사이트 This has led some New York City parents to worry that their children will be used as pawns by large companies that want to obtain one of the three sweeping game licenses.

Back in 2013, the state issued 10 commercial casino licenses, but the state gave three state casino licenses a 10-year grace period. In this way, it was intended to give up the opportunity for state casinos to adapt to the gambling environment. Now, the grace period is over, and the Game Facilities Location Committee is considering bidding for third-party companies interested in setting up casinos in the area.

Las Vegas Sands, one of the companies interested in licensing, is looking to open a $4 billion casino resort at the Nassau Coliseum complex on Long Island. Recently, parents of youth soccer players in Nassau County revealed that their children were invited by the company for training sessions with David Beckham and Carli Lloyd at the Mitchell Athletic Complex in Uniondale.

However, the parents noted that when they arrived at the event, they only heard that Las Vegas Sands was holding a fan meeting in March. Richie and Megan Corao were among the parents in Nassau County who took their children to a Beckham-Lloyd training event and weren’t happy to learn that the casino was sponsoring the event.

A similar thing happened on Coney Island, where a group of companies teamed up for The Coney, a $3 billion casino project. Not long ago, Brooklyn USA Basketball, a nonprofit organization, showed the logo of the project by giving new uniforms and T-shirts to youth basketball players. Parents said companies used children to promote casinos.

Ron Reen, a spokesperson for Las Vegas Sands, responded that the company regularly strives to empower the communities it operates in. He said he will continue to invest in Origin because the operator is important to the community. Meanwhile, a representative of Brooklyn USA Basketball stated that the casino project allowed them to offer new uniforms to every child in the program for the first time since 2011.

Recently, Las Vegas Sands has taken a step further toward casinos in Nassau County as a gambling leader filed a zoning application with Hempstead Town. According to the application, the operator wants to build more than 3.7 million square feet of development on the ground and an additional 3.9 million square feet for parking and garages, and the casino itself has a square foot of 396,726.

However, their bid for the integrated casino resort is not well received by everyone. The organization name opposing the casino civic society opposed the project. It will lead to an increase in crime, traffic and noise pollution and will also have a strong impact on local law enforcement and government, the group, which is not politically affiliated, said.

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