When Oh Ji-hwan, 33, was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Korean Series after leading the LG Twins to their first championship in 29 years, his wife, Kim Young-eun, who was watching from a distance with her family, had moisture in her eyes.
“During the Korean Series, I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed as I thought about my husband’s baseball career, which he has worked so hard for,” Kim laughed.
LG swept the KT Wiz 6-2 in Game 5 of the best-of-seven Korean Series at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Nov. 13, winning the series 4-1.

It was the first championship in 29 years since 1994.
“The players’ and fans’ desire and urgency to win is the biggest strength,” said coach Yeom Kyung-yeop.

Captain Oh Ji-hwan, who was playing in the Korean Series for the first time in his 15th season after joining LG with the first overall pick in 2009, was also thirsty for a win.
His wife understands his desire better than anyone. She even felt sorry for him when he cried every day because he couldn’t win.
“He cried every day,” Kim said.

He would get upset when he saw his older brothers, such as Park Kyung-soo, win championships with other teams.”

“He had a long (unrelated) period of 15 years, so I think he was very eager to win.

Now that we’ve won the championship, I hope he’ll cry a lot of tears of joy.”
Before he could bask in the jubilation of victory, his body and mind were sore.

Oh was sidelined with a side muscle strain shortly after the start of the season, and his home runs dropped significantly in the aftermath.

After hitting a career-high 25 home runs last year, Oh reached 20 home runs and 20 doubles, but this year he only hit eight.

He blamed himself for not being able to contribute to the team.
“The more home runs you hit, the more you contribute to the team,” Kim said, “but this year, I was beating myself up because I didn’t hit enough.”

“I was determined to do my best even if my husband was injured (before the Korean Series), and I think it showed,” she said.
In the Korean Series, Oh was more determined than ever.

Despite committing three errors due to the cold weather, he batted .

316 with three home runs, eight RBIs, six runs scored, and an OPS of 1.351.
Just as Oh had hoped, his home runs helped the team in fall ball.

In the second game after losing the first game, he hit a solo shot in the sixth inning to set the stage for a come-from-behind win, and in the third game, he hit a game-winning three-run homer in the ninth inning.

In Game 4, he hit a three-run arch in the seventh inning to set a record for the first single-season Korean Series home run in three consecutive games. 토토사이트
In addition to his individual performance, Oh led by example as a captain and kept the team together with his careful management of the players.
“My husband is an icon of caring.

Sometimes it’s hard for the family because he’s so caring,” Kim laughed, adding, “Every morning, he would call the first and second team players to see how they were doing.

He was very attentive to how the players were feeling, and I think that’s why the players followed him so well.”
“I was worried that he wasn’t taking care of himself, but he overcame it because he was so strong mentally, and I think it was because of that process that we were able to win the championship,” she said.

I had less time to spend with my husband because I was worried about the team, but it was great to see him fulfill his role as captain.”
“This is our starting point, and we will enjoy the LG dynasty in the future,” Oh said at the championship ceremony.

“My husband said that, so I hope the LG dynasty will continue for a year, two years, three years,” Kim said.

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