KIA left-handed pitcher Kwak Do-kyu (19) is continuing to perform in Australia. Like Choi Ji-min (20), Australia could be the turning point in his baseball career.
Kwak Do-gyu (Canberra Cavaliers) pitched one inning of scoreless baseball against the Perth Heat of the 2023-2024 Australian Baseball League on March 3 (KST), facing three batters and striking out one.

He has a 4.26 ERA in four games and one start in the Australian League.
Kwak Do-gyu is a left-handed sub who was drafted in the fifth round, 42nd overall, out of Gongju University.

His left side itself is a rarity, with a slightly higher arm height than fellow left-handed sub Kim Dae-yu.

Although it is a three-quarter, it feels like it has a lower arm height than a true three-quarter.

Kwak even has a fastball in the low 140s.

According to baseball stats site Statiz, it averaged 144 mph.

He also has a two-seam, curve, and slider.

This season, he has an 8.49 ERA in 14 games with no wins, losses, saves, or holds.
There’s a lot of potential, but it’s just not there.

In five exhibition games, he hasn’t been able to continue his trend of a zero ERA with one hold.

Based on his pace in the exhibition games, he should have made the roster from the opening day, but with the depth of the KIA bullpen this year, there was no room.
In the Futures League, he was 6-1 with a 2.37 ERA in 37 games with six wins, six losses, five holds, and five saves, but his performance in the first team was somewhat inconsistent.

SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol, who was covering KIA games this season, pointed out that Kwak’s pitching balance was unstable.
Still, KIA sent Kwak to Canberra because they believe he has a lot of potential for the future.

The team believes that the actual game is more important than the final training.

The level of the Australian League is not that low, so it’s a time of study and learning for Kwak.
Again, his pitches are not consistent. On November 18, he pitched 1⅔ innings against the Sydney Blue Sox, giving up one run on two hits and one walk.

He then pitched two scoreless innings against the Melbourne Aces on November 25, but faltered against Perth on November 1, giving up two runs on three hits and one walk in 1⅔ innings. 토토사이트

Then he pitched well again on the third day.

The KIA bullpen is a lefty kingdom, but they also need a second Choi Ji-min.

The bullpen is a mixed bag anyway.

Kwak Do-gyu should be able to compete with Choi Ji-min, Lee Jun-young, Kim Dae-yu, and Kim Ki-hoon.

His strengths are clear, and he needs to take advantage of his scarce form.

However, Kwak has a routine of shaking both shoulders three times after stepping on the pitching plate.

It remains to be seen if he will reduce this routine when pitch clock starts next year.
Canberra begins a four-game series against the Brisbane Bendits on July 7, including a doubleheader.

With the extra days in the schedule, Kwak should be able to pitch two or three games.

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