Most recently, Game Innovation Group announced that it has signed a collaboration to debut the industry’s leading platform at Golden Park for Ontario’s regulated iGaming sector. 우리카지노탑 Through a recent partnership, the two parties will mark the first deal for a Spanish casino brand outside the Iberian Peninsula, while further building on existing cooperation.

Gaming Innovation Group GiG is a prominent Internet gambling company that provides solutions, products, and services to iGaming operators. Founded in 2012 and operating in Malta, the company’s goal is to deliver sustainable growth and profitability to industry partners through product innovation, scalable technology and quality of service.

As a partner at GiG, Goldenpark will seek to strengthen online footprints in Spain and licenses it recently acquired in Portugal. Meanwhile, with five GiG partners already operating or developing in Ontario, Spain’s iGaming operator will try to leverage the experience and skills of providers in the state to expand and deliver personalized user experiences.

It’s worth noting that prominent platform providers have great value in their relationships with many partners. With open, modified and flexible technology and access to more than 30 regulatory jurisdictions and eight areas of the development pipeline, the company is putting brand management in the hands of operators for the first time.

Marcel Elfersy, CCO of GiG, said that Ontario’s internet market is a very important market for providers, and as a valuable partner, he is pleased to be powering Golden Park’s North American debut. The CCO added that the deal is evidence of the strength and flexibility of the company’s products and the relationship it has with operators to explore new opportunities.

Consejero Delegantado of MGA’s online division, José Giacomelli, said the operator’s Ontario debut is one of the biggest challenges of 2024. He added that the market in the region is one of the huge potentials and that the brand will be able to meet its goals thanks to GiG’s technology. The deal is not just a physical expansion, it’s also an evolution in how both companies envision the future.

As mentioned, Ontario’s regulatory sector on online gambling and sports betting is one of the great potentials. Operating in the first 12 months, just over C$1.48 billion was delivered to state gross domestic product, with C$966 million going into labor income. The figures put the state in North America’s top five jurisdictions for online gaming.

Meanwhile, the province’s sector continues to grow as more operators and suppliers participate. Recently, Playgon announced that it has received permission from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission to become a game-related provider. SaaS and live dealer technology companies can now offer products to other local regulators.

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