Baek Kyung-yeol, secretary general of the Gyeonggi-do Para Sports Federation, has been elected as the 13th president of the National Council of Secretaries General of Para Sports Federations.The Korean Para Sports Federation said on the 12th, “At the extraordinary general meeting of the National Council of Secretaries-General of Para Sports Federations in 2023, we voted for the president of the Council of Secretaries-General, and Secretary-General Baek Kyung-yeol was elected with 12 votes out of 15.” The new president’s term will be from December 2023 to March 2025.

Baek has served as a member of the Gyeonggi-do Sports Promotion Council, a director of the Gyeonggi-do Sports Association, and a visiting professor at Yongin University’s Department of Social Work.He holds a 3rd degree black belt in physical education (bodybuilding), 6th degree black belt in judo, 4th degree black belt in aikido, 5th degree black belt in yongmudo, and 1st degree black belt in social work.Baek Kyung-yeol, President of the Council of Secretaries General, said, “It is the job of the Paralympic Sports Council to create an environment where people with disabilities across the country can be brighter and more active in sports. During my term, I will provide various policies and opinions so that Para sports 슬롯게이밍 can develop and innovate to the next level.”

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