Alexandre Lletelier, who plays as a backup goalkeeper for Lee Kang-in’s team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), suffered a shocking robbery.
French media outlet ‘RMC’ reported the news on the 19th (KST), saying, “Letelier was the victim of a violent robbery.”

According to the outlet, four robbers broke into the house and threatened Letelier and his wife to hand over jewelry and cash.
Even more shocking, the four robbers threatened Letelier’s two-year-old and six-year-old children with knives.

“After overpowering Lettelier, his wife, and two children, the robbers held them at knifepoint and threatened them with money and jewelry,” the media outlet said, adding that the robbers “did not hesitate to assault Lettelier’s wife, including punching her in the face.”
At 2 a.m. local time on July 19, Letelier and his wife were sleeping when their home alarm went off.
The alarm told them that someone had broken into their garden, and they called the police.

However, they weren’t caught before the crime.

The four burglars entered the house and committed the crime, putting Letelier and his family in danger.

Local police responded quickly and were able to catch three of the four.

Two were 16-year-old minors and the third was a 21-year-old adult.

At the scene, police also recovered a knife believed to have been used to make threats, as well as money stolen during the crime. 안전토토사이트
They were also able to apprehend a third perpetrator, who has since been handed over to the Versailles district police.
“The security system installed in the garden seems to have worked well, and the club’s security personnel were present at the same time as the police,” the media outlet said, adding that the French BRB, a specialized robbery unit, is now in charge of the case.

The investigation also revealed that one of the police officers suffered a knee injury while entering the garden.
Crimes against soccer players are becoming increasingly common.

PSG suffered the same fate last summer, when their starting goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and his live-in girlfriend were robbed.
The same thing happened in the Premier League earlier this month, when West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma was robbed while spending time with his family at home.
In 2021, four robbers broke into the home of then-Manchester City flanker Joao Cancelo, leaving him with a cut on his forehead after a struggle between the player and the assailants.

In March 2022, burglars broke into the home of then-Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.
In Pogba’s case, it was particularly traumatizing because, similar to the Lettelier incident, it happened while his children were sleeping in his bedroom.

On the 18th, Man City star Kevin De Bruyne’s Belgian home was burglarized, albeit unattended.
Lettelier is PSG’s No. 3 goalkeeper and hasn’t started a game this season, but has been on the bench every game as a substitute by PSG coach Luis Enrique.

The former PSG youth player has shown great loyalty to the club, stating that “there is no doubt about my love for PSG” after returning to his parent club in 2020.

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