In the U.S., where there is relatively less heat than other professional sports such as baseball, American football, and basketball, GOAT Greatest Of All Time Lionel Messi is presenting the true beauty of soccer. 메이저사이트

Inter Miami advanced to the semifinals of the tournament by beating Charlotte FC 4-0 in the quarterfinals of the 2023 League Cup held at DRV PNK Stadium in Florida on the 12th.

After five games in the U.S., he is flying with eight goals and one assist, and Maiae, the lowest team, is already in a situation where he can challenge for the top of the League Cup.

Inter Miami launched a 4-3-3 formation with Taylor, Martinez, Messi, Kremasch, Busquets, Arroyo, Alba, Miller, Krebsov, Yedlin and Calendarot Messi started the game as a right wing forward in the 4-3-3 formation, but moved freely regardless of his position and was responsible for the start of the attack.

All eyes of the opponent were on Messi. Messi used it better than anyone else. In the 10th minute of the first half, Harrison Apul, who was checking Messi, made a clearing mistake and Yedlin intercepted the ball. The defense, embarrassed by the unexpected development, committed a foul and eventually got a penalty kick, leading Martinez with a light success.

In the 32nd minute of the first half, the mesh effect was more clearly confirmed. Even when Yedlin grabbed the ball from the right and advanced, the opposing defense paid full attention to Messi. Taylor was able to score easily without being disturbed by the defense.

In the 34th minute of the second half, it was the starting point for scoring. Starting from the center, he shook the opponent’s defense, connected the ball to Gomez on the side, and the opponent’s defense Malanda failed to properly clear the cross from the side, resulting in an own goal. In the 41st minute of the second half, he scored a goal himself. Messi, who was rushing to the gate, beat the defense and scored a non-stop shot of Campana’s pass and scored a wedge.

It’s an amazing achievement. Until just before Messi’s transfer, Miami was not a team that anyone was paying attention to. David Beckham is the co-owner of the team, but he was the weakest team to win a single game with three draws and eight losses in 11 games. However, it has been reborn as a completely different team since Messi joined. With Messi’s joining, the Riggs Cup began, and Messi led the team alone and transplanted the winning DNA.

Messi, who scored a thrilling goal in his debut match against Cruz Azul to give his team a victory, led the team to a 4-0 and 3-1 victory over Atalanta United, ranked seventh in the Major League Soccer Western Conference, and Orlando City, ranked fifth. In the round of 16, he won after a penalty shoot-out against Dallas, ranked eighth in the Eastern Conference. He will now advance to the semifinals and compete with the Philadelphia Union for the final on the 15th.

The Riggs Cup is a cup competition in which professional teams from the United States, Canada, and Mexico compete, and Messi is proudly leading the scoring. Founded in 2018, he has entered MLS since 2020, but has yet to win. Messi is preparing to make history with Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba on a flight to the U.S. in a very short period of time.

Messi took the lead in the team’s offense with eight goals and one assist in just five games, and Miami is experiencing an amazing Messi effect with 17 goals during this period. Soccer is said to be a team sport with 11 players, but it shows how much an overwhelming star can change the team with cartoon-like soccer.

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