Given the current situation in the Major League, chances are growing that Ryu will remain in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB). Superior starting pitchers in the FA market are getting better-than-expected results. The Boston Red Sox invested 38.5 million U.S. dollars for two years in Lucas Giolito, who hit 41 home runs last year, the most in the American League, while the New York Mets awarded a whopping 13 million dollars for one year to Luis Severino, who had a 6.65 ERA in the six-point range last year. On top of that, the former ace pitcher who is facing the downturn in baseball’s baseball career also won a contract worth nearly 50 billion won (45.7 million dollars) in Hanwha, and Ryu is now in a position where he can wait for “good news.”

Major League Baseball’s official website ( ) reported the contract between the Atlanta Braves and veteran left-hander Chris Sale on the 5th (Korea time).

“ ” said, “Atlanta and Sale have agreed to a two-year, $38 million (about 49.9 billion won) extension contract.” According to the contract between the two sides, Sale will receive $16 million (about 21 billion won) in 2024 and $22 million (about 28.9 billion won) in 2025, respectively, and includes a club option worth $18 million (about 23.6 billion won) in 2026.

Sale made his Major League debut in the Chicago White Sox in 2010 at the age of 21. Sale, who announced his star’s birth in 2012 by throwing 192 ⅓ with 17 wins and eight losses and a 3.05 ERA, continued his career by winning 11 wins and 14 losses and a 3.07 ERA in 214 innings in 2013, 12 wins and four losses and a 2.17 ERA in 174 ⅔ in 2014, 13 wins and 11 losses and a 3.41 ERA in 208 innings in 2015, and 17 wins and 10 losses and a 3.34 ERA in 226 ⅔ in 2016.

The White Sox traded sale to the Boston Red Sox in December 2016. In exchange for a sale, they received four players: Michael Kopech, Yoan Moncada, Luis Basabe and Victor Diaz.

Sale established himself as Boston’s ace by scoring 17 wins, 8 losses, and 2.90 ERA in 2017 with 214 ⅓s and 308 strikeouts, the most in the American League. In 2018, Sale pitched 158 innings and recorded 12 wins, 4 losses, and 2.11 ERA, leading Boston to a World Series victory that year.

Boston signed a five-year, $145 million extension contract with Sale in March 2019, and coincidentally, Sale’s decline began at this time. Sale failed to show an ace-class pitch due to various injuries, and he had to settle for 6 wins, 5 losses, and an ERA of 4.40 in 147 ⅓ in 2019, 5 wins and 1 loss in 42 ⅔ in 2021, and an ERA of 3.18 in 5 ⅔ in 2022, after throwing 102 ⅔ last year, leaving him with a 6-5, and an ERA of 4.30.

Sale had Tommy John surgery in 2020 and suffered a fractured rib and a fractured right wrist in 2022, failing to stay intact. There was also a bad news of getting injured while riding a bike.

However, Atlanta now reckons Sale is free from injury demons. “The bottom line is that Atlanta is confident Sale has resolved an injury issue,” said, while Atlanta President Alex Anthopoulos said he is confident in Sale’s physical condition, calling it a “normal offseason in a long time.” At the same time, Anthopoulos also revealed that he plans to manage the matter carefully, saying, “But at the same time, Sale only played 100 innings last year, so we’ll keep that in mind.” “Atlanta will be closely monitoring Sale’s innings. We plan to put him in the starting rotation early in the season,” said .

This year, Atlanta is expected to build a starting pitcher lineup that includes Sale, Max Fried, Spencer Strider, Charlie Morton and Bryce Elder. “Atlanta will reduce the burden on the club next winter if it secures Sale for one more year at a time when Morton is about to retire and Fried will become an FA after this season,” “ ” said, explaining why Atlanta signed a two-year contract with Sale.

In fact, Atlanta is not a losing business either. Atlanta acquired Saleh through a trade with the Boston Red Sox on Dec. 31 last year. This includes a condition that Boston provides 17 million U.S. dollars in annual salary. Therefore, Atlanta can use Saleh for 21 million dollars for two years.

After all, it is surprising that Sale, who has not performed so well over the past five seasons, will receive 38 million dollars over two years. It is good news for starting pitcher resources that still remain in the FA market. One of them, Ryu Hyun-jin, has no choice but to smile.

Ryu also underwent Tommy John surgery in 2022 and returned to the Major League in August last year. Playing in 11 games after his return, Ryu pitched 52 innings and posted three wins, three losses and an ERA of 3.46, signaling a successful comeback. He is still mentioned as a starting pitcher of the FA that many teams can aim for. Will Ryu be able to stay in the Major League after receiving a more generous treatment than expected.

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