The V League All-Star Game was held at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 27th. 

In the All-Star game, players from eight countries, including Ryohei (Japan), Bayarsaihan (Mongolia), Matay (Slovenia), Leo, Yosbani, Silva (Cuba), Mega (Indonesia), Yasmin (USA), and Ponfun (Thailand), gathered together to make it a more fruitful event.

The All-Star Game started with “K-Star and V-Star,” a sports day where players and fans hang out together.

Human curling, group jump rope, and flipping were conducted. The final winner of the cheerful sports event was V-Star after three events.

After the pre-event, the game was held in earnest.

While the games were divided into K-Star and V-Star, the first set was played in men’s and the second set was played in women’s. If a player scores 21 points per set, the game ends.

In the middle of the men’s game, women’s players joined to give something to see. In particular, Kim Yeon-kyung served in the 9-7, leading to a V-Star score.

In the ensuing attack, Kim Yeon-kyung hit a back attack and became a point. Fans who filled Samsan Gymnasium also cheered.

Silva was substituted for the K-Star team. Silva also scored a point. The K-Star team ended with a 21-15 victory.

After the end of the first set, the spike sub queen & king contest and the best libero contest were held.

In the men’s category, Mattei (Uri Card) became the sub king. She showed overwhelming performance, clocking 120 kilometers.

On the women’s side, Silva was ranked as the sub queen with 97 kilometers.

The “Pocari Sweat Best Libero Contest” was followed by a fan receiving the ball received by the player in the basket. Ryohei (Korea Electric Power Corporation) won the championship with nine.

This led to the women’s competition. In the women’s competition, men’s players were also deployed to present fun. Leo came in from K-Star Team and predicted a serve for Kim Yeon-koung. However, Leo was sent to Mega, which led to V-Star’s score.

Another highlight was the umpires’ surprise serve. Yong Dong-guk served on the serve in the middle, and when he got the score, he even showed off his dance, which received loud cheers from fans.

The joint performance of Cuban siblings Silva and Leo also received a lot of applause.

The outdoor competition between the coaches of the two teams also sparked heated reactions. It was Hyundai Engineering & Construction coach Kang Sung-hyung who started the game. He was substituted for the team to increase points and displayed a dance performance with the players of Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

Soon after, when Kim Yeon-kyung scored a goal, she danced a couple dance to “Candy” music with Avondanja. The atmosphere at the gymnasium heated up.

The women’s game was won by the V Star team 21-16.

With a total score of 37-36, the final victory went to K-Star.

After the competition, an award ceremony was held. Shin Young-seok won in the men’s category and Kim Yeon-kyung in the women’s category. Shin won two gold medals. He even became the MVP. He garnered 14 votes to beat Leo (nine votes). In the women’s category, Pyo Seung-joo was crowned the MVP with 13 votes. He beat runner-up Kim Yeon-kyung (eight votes).

Meanwhile, the All-Star Game failed to sell out. Although many fans flocked to the game thanks to Kim Yeon-koung’s ticket power, it did not lead to full attendance. 6,120 people visited the game. 6,062 tickets were sold through online reservations, and 58 more were sold for on-site sales, but the tickets did not fill the 6,415 tickets.

An official from KOVO explained, “Unfortunately, there were a lot of cancellation tickets, so it was not sold out.”

As a result, the All-Star Game ranked fifth in the number of All-Star Game spectators. 7,500 people topped the list in the 2006-2007 season, while 7,112 people (2011-2012), 6446 people (2022-2023), and 6,252 people (2009-2010) ranked second to fourth.

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