Money cannot buy happiness. A series of reports say that there is a possibility that soccer players who were heading to Saudi Arabia’s league due to a large salary proposal may return to the European leagues as they have difficulty adapting to the local market.

Spanish media Sport reported on the 8th that many players, who felt differences in the way they understood the climate, shocking culture, and football different from Europe, are considering returning to the European stage even at the expense of financial losses.

Jordan Henderson, former captain of Liverpool in the English Premier League (EPL), is considered a prime example. According to local media reports in the U.K., Henderson, who is currently paid 40 million euros per year for his team, is considering returning to the EPL after giving up huge tax benefits. Henderson will have to stay in Saudi Arabia for two years to enjoy tax benefits from signing a large contract. If he leaves Saudi Arabia before completing the period, he will have to pay up to 8 million euros to the Saudi tax authorities. Henderson’s decision to return to the EPL is reportedly attributed to Saudi Arabia’s failure to adapt to the hot and humid climate, a small number of spectators, and the complicated situation of the team.

Roberto Firmino (Al-Ahli), who led Liverpool’s heyday with Henderson, is also considering returning to the EPL. Firmino received high expectations from his club by signing a contract with Al-Ahli for an annual salary of 20 million euros, but his performance fell far short of that. In August last year, Firmino scored a hat-trick in the opening match of the league against Al-Hahism, but he failed to score an offensive point and became a bench member. Before moving to the Saudi Arabian team, his skills were already on the decline, and he lost his father in November last year, making it more difficult for him to adjust.

Karim Benzema, who shocked the world when he moved from Real Madrid to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Tihad, has taken a similar step, raising the possibility of his return to the European leagues. Since the 2-5 defeat against league rival Al-Nasr on Dec. 27 last year, fans have mounting criticism against Benzema. Fans of the club point out that Benzema, who is known to earn 200 million euros a year including advertising contracts, has only scored nine goals in 15 league games, failing to match its investment performance. Al-Tihad is currently seventh in the league.

The Saudi league will take a break during the Asian Cup. If these star players leave in the meantime, it could be a big blow to the Saudi league. Despite criticism that Saudi Arabia is trying to launder its image through sports, it has been eager to expand the size of its own league by recruiting a large number of star players. The 2034 World Cup virtually confirmed the hosting of the event as other competing countries gave up hosting the event.

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