The biggest ‘dumb scam’ of all time. He’s impersonating Leverkusen manager Xabi Alonso and asking for money. There’s no way anyone would fall for such a flimsy scam.

The UK’s Daily Star reported the story. The story goes like this Alonso is making waves in the German Bundesliga right now. Leverkusen are the only unbeaten team in the Bundesliga. With 15 wins, four draws, and 49 points, they are first in the league. They’re ahead of Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich (47 points). Alonso has ended Bayern Munich’s 12-game unbeaten streak in the league.

Alonso’s stock price skyrocketed. The accolades were plentiful. Coincidentally, Alonso’s meteoric rise coincided with the parting of the ways of English Premier League Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp. He announced that he would be leaving Liverpool at the end of the season. The reason: burnout.

Then, Alonso, who emerged as one of the best midfielders in the world during his playing days at Liverpool, was touted as Klopp’s successor. The Liverpool fans are happy to see him go. Local media emphasized that Liverpool fans preferred Alonso to Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, who followed the money to Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittifa.

Many local media outlets also viewed Alonso as the most likely successor to Klopp.

In this situation, a dumb trickster emerged, and he appeared in 카지노사이트 추천 Thailand. He impersonated Alonso on social media. He left messages like this

He asked an unspecified number of people to donate £6.7 ($11,300). Alonso is in danger of not being able to manage Liverpool because he doesn’t have the money. It’s a ridiculous scam. The money requested is also timid.   

The Thai police got involved. They warned him to beware of scammers. They identified him as a fraudster and warned against falling for the scam to fund Alonso’s flight to England. He left a message for Liverpool fans in Thailand to be especially careful.


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