The KT Wiz spring camp in Busan. There is one person who can’t stop smiling on his face. It’s Ko Young-pyo.

That’s inevitable. Before coming to the camp, he signed a five-year, non-FA multi-year contract with KT worth 10.7 billion won (approx. He became the smallest winner of the stove league. Now that he has become a “baseball tycoon,” everything looks beautiful.

“I’ve always been happy, but I’m happier. It’s nice to be able to play baseball for five more years at KT,” Ko said at the camp. “It feels different to be in the camp. I feel pressure and pressure. I feel a sense of responsibility to lead my juniors so that my team can win the championship.”

It is money that is valued as a professional. The mood in the team for Ko Young-pyo must change as well. Captain Park Kyung-soo joked, “Young Pyo-hyung.” “The older members are very mischievous, and I don’t know what to do,” Ko said with a smile.

As I earn a lot of salary, I have to set a higher goal. “I’m not going to be greedy with my numbers, but I want to increase the number of strikeouts. Since I’m a starter, I have to throw 170-180 innings. I want to become a title holder and receive a Golden Glove. I want to throw as a starter for the next five years and receive a Golden Glove,” Ko confidently said

“Ask me anything,” Ko said. “I’ll do my best in interviews.” When the contract was mentioned again, “I feel it. I can feel that I’m always smiling. Of course, money is important, but it’s great to be able to play baseball in a good team for a long time. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m this good player. I don’t have to be arrogant, I just want to work out hard and help my juniors.”

Ko Young-pyo is not an FA contract, but he does not have a down payment. His salary has not yet come in after signing the new contract. It is “before deposit.” Ko Young-pyo cheerfully shouted, “Let’s interview again at the end of February.” At that time, he meant that he would feel the reality of the contract.

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