Online gambling appears to be on the priority list for the sector’s development after the introduction of mobile sports betting in New York in early 2022. But one of the biggest challenges of legalization is for local manufacturers to come up with a responsible gambling protocol that is appropriate to protect New York gamblers.

As mentioned in early 2022, Empire State has already launched an online sports betting market that has brought millions of tax revenue to the state. Many lawmakers, such as Senator Gary Fritlow and Senator Joe Adabo, believe that the next step in the state will be legalizing iGaming. There were 2022 bills to speed up the process, but they didn’t get any momentum.

Both lawmakers said practical push to legalize online casino gambling in the state would take place in 2023. In a recent interview, Mr. Adabo noted that the implementation of responsible play would be the biggest obstacle to legalizing the iGaming of Empire State. And earlier this year, it introduced a bill offering US$11 million to combat gambling addiction.

The chairman of the Senate Racing, Games and Betting Committee says generating additional tax revenues from online casinos is worth fighting to introduce the scheme. He pointed out that in New York State in particular, any state would want more tax and educational funds, as gamblers often pull significant funds out of the Empire State’s borders by going to other states and gambling online.

His proposed bill estimated that the state would receive about $475 million in annual tax revenue and $150 million in one-off licensing fees from gambling operators to enter new markets. And in his opinion, if some of the money from iGaming is used to promote and fund responsible gambling, the state will be more likely to struggle with addiction.

Empire State has several organizations that promote and oversee responsible play in the state. They are the New York State Game Commission, the Addiction Services and Support Office, and the New York Problem Games Committee. Over the years, the three agencies have organized or funded numerous campaigns to combat gambling addiction across the state.

For example, in May 2022, the three organizations gathered together at Resort World Catskill to unveil a new program named New York’s Responsible Play Partnership. Robert Williams, executive director of the New York gaming board, argued that as the local gaming market expands, the committee is committed to making it safe for everyone and providing the tools and resources needed for local residents.

Also in May, the New York Problem Gambling Commission raised concerns about lottery sales across the state, which can be quite addictive. In this regard, the organization has launched a new problem gambling campaign through QR codes and HOPEline. By scanning the code of the lottery, people will be able to reach the hotline quickly and easily.

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