Financial Supervisory Service headquarters in Seoul / Yonhap

Foreign investors’ access to Korea’s financial markets is expected to expand further. On Sunday, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) declared its intention to embark on the second phase of developing an English-friendly electronic disclosure system (DART). The initiative aims to broaden the scope of information available in English, facilitating foreign investments in Korean companies. Following the announcement, the FSS will implement measures to provide more information on disclosures in English. In the upgraded system, fixed information such as index, table format and optional input values will be translated automatically. This is aimed at all statutory disclosures, including business reports, allowing system users to access disclosure information in real time. The FSS aims to facilitate data search as well .A new platform is also under development, designed to enable foreign investors to access and analyze data freely. Named “English Open DART,” it will offer real-time access to 84 critical disclosure data sets for free. Additionally, the platform includes an application programming interface (API) aimed primarily at developers and corporate analysts to facilitate the electronic collection and analysis of data. The launch of the platform is anticipated within this year.

In comparison, Japan only provides the titles of reports in English and does not offer an English-language API. China, on the other hand, does not provide English disclosures and charges a fee for its API services. The FSS anticipates that these improvements will broaden the scope of information provision and contribute to better financing conditions for domestic companies. It further hopes that the new system would ultimately help address the depreciation of Korean stocks, a phenomenon known as the “Korea discount. “Since last year, the FSS has been initiating efforts to facilitate foreign investors’ easy access to disclosure information. Last July, the FSS began converting disclosure report titles into English, enabling investors to more easily identify and access the files they wish to read. Foreign investors can use a built-in translating function to read the contents. “With the goal of officially launching English Open DART within the year, plans are underway to commence system development by selecting an external professional firm with the capability to execute the project, following procedures like open competitive bidding,” the FSS 카지노사이트킹 stated.

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