Mizuno Korea will introduce three new MX-1 (MX1) series irons, the next-generation model of the MX series, with traditional wrought iron. There are three types: “MX-1 Posed Iron,” which pursues a balance of batting sense, tolerance and operability with the “GFF HD” forging method, “MX-1 Speed Metal Iron,” which implements an excellent distance for easier play, and “MX-1 Posed Black Edition,” a limited edition scheduled to be released in March.

After purchasing the product through the official agency, BR-D2 standback will be presented if you register the original product and participate in the event on Mizuno Korea’s website. Details of the event can be found on Mizuno Korea’s official website and official SNS channel.

Honma Golf will release BeZEAL3 on Wednesday. The new series includes drivers, woods, utilities, and irons, boasting excellent technology, sophisticated design and reasonable price. It is a comfortable club that combines a wide head with a light shaft.

The driver adopted a head design specialized for draw for long distances. Fairway Wood and the utility feature a customized center of gravity. The weight was concentrated on the brush, making the ball float easily and flying at an ideal ballistic speed.

The men’s iron is a cavity bag design that is easy to hit on forging using S25C wrought iron as a material and is highly tolerant. The Beazel women’s iron is designed to float the ball with the cast cavity back head.

Kang Ji-woong, the new CEO of Callaway Korea, took office on Tuesday. Kang has been a financial expert who worked for Nike and other foreign companies for the past 25 years and worked as CEO of Callaway Golf for the past two years. Kang emphasized customer-first strategy and presented key challenges and challenges such as ▲ improving customer experience ▲ making decisions based on data ▲ ESG management for sustainable growth ▲ expanding business based on digital platforms. He also said he would make the company a company where employees can enjoy working.

Callaway Korea Golf is the Korean branch of Topgolf Callaway Brands. It is developing businesses such as Callaway Golf, Callaway Apparel, Travis Matthew, and Ojio.

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